Herman Cain Target of FEC Investigation Demand

December 5, 2011

Cynthia l. Bauerly
Chair, Federal Election Commission
999 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20463

Dear Madame Bauerly:

I respectfully request that you begin an immediate fraud investigation in the Friends of Herman Cain, Inc political action committee on the grounds that it is a fraudulent operation that has not operated within the parameters of its articles of incorporation with your office.

I contend that this committee was set up for the sole purposes of defrauding the United States taxpayers through the use of seeking matching funds. I request that you do two things:

  1. Investigate the activities of Friends of Herman Cain, Inc to determine possible violations of its stated goal, i.e. advancing the Presidential candidacy of Herman Cain.
  2. Cease any and all processes that could result in Friends of Herman Cain, Inc, receiving any U.S. taxpayer matching funds in 2012 until it can be established that the Committee was in fact, an actual presidential committee and not a fraudulent ruse established for the sole reason of promoting Herman Cain’s books and personal business ventures.

Please consider the following as prima facie evidence that the Friends of Herman Cain, Inc was never honest in its stated intentions of advancing the candidacy of Mr. Cain and was, instead, a thinly cloaked vehicle for advancing the economic interests of one person: Herman Cain.

  1. “Candidate” Cain made no effort to build traditional campaign organizations in early key states, like Iowa or New Hampshire.
  2. “Candidate” Cain displayed no interest in demonstrating knowledge, expertise or even interest in 50% of the U.S. President’s job responsibility, i.e. foreign policy.
  3. “Candidate” Cain had lengthy stretches of his campaign where he in fact did no actual campaigning. Instead, he used the “hook” of his candidacy to go on television to sell his books.
  4. “Candidate” Cain has insisted on mocking the entire process of a presidential campaign by proclaiming he is “anti-abortion” and “pro-life” because the decision to abort a child should be solely “between a woman and her doctor.”


Madame Bauerly, I humbly request that you investigate this matter thoroughly and quickly. If con games such as the one perpetrated by Mr. Cain are allowed to continue unpunished, we can expect to see hundreds if not thousands of con artists, aspiring motivational speakers, Ann Coulter wannabes, authors and other charlatans exploiting the US taxpayers in future campaign cycles, corrupting the U.S. election process as they do so.


Thank you for your serious attention to this matter.




TJ Walker


The Daily National






A "10%" plan to get big money out of politics

As has been noted, our Democratic Party often resembles a coalition of disparate groups, each working alone on its individual agenda and strategies.  Whether they represent unions, environmentalists or whatever, even when their initiatives enjoy broad popular support, each group too often loses the battle to get legislators to vote for their bills FOR THE EXACT SAME REASON.  Our Democratic and Republican members of Congress are pressured by a deeply flawed and unfair system to reject what is popular and in the best interest of the Country in favor of what will ensure their re-election; namely raising enough campaign funds and avoiding becoming the target of rich and powerful special interests.

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling on Citizens United v. FEC has made the above named problem a thousand times worse.  

Doug Kendall, writing for Huffington Post, succinctly describes the danger this legislation poses;

To see the significance of this, consider that in his historic run to the presidency, Barack Obama broke every political fundraising record, raising nearly $750 million from more than a million contributors in 2007 and 2008. This sounds impressive until you consider that during 2008 alone, ExxonMobil Corporation generated profits of $45 billion. With a diversion of even 2 percent of these profits to the political process, Exxon could have far outspent the Obama campaign and fundamentally changed the dynamic of the 2008 election, perhaps even the result.

But by so strongly and treasonously siding with corporations at the expense of individual Americans on who gets to govern our democracy, that Supreme Court ruling has forced our hand in addressing a "money in politics" problem that we should have attacked long ago. According to this article in The Hill, our Democratic Congress will work to pass legislation that overturns Citizens United v. FEC by July 4th, so that major corporations cannot commandeer our upcoming election this fall.

A powerful result of the 2008 global recession is that both Progressive and Conservative voters are now enraged with the rich banks and other corporations whose greed, selfishness, and recklessness have cost so many so much. This rare dynamic provides us the VERY RARE opportunity to go BEYOND nullifying Citizens United v. FEC, and ultimately pass much stronger campaign finance and lobbying reform.

But our Democratic interest groups can only take advantage of this huge opportunity if they are smart enough to agree to work together on this goal. Each group should agree to devote at least ten percent of their time and resources to fighting the battle to get big money out of politics. To fight climate change, or for a more fair economy, or for better health care, without also fighting campaign finance and lobbying laws is a recipe for failure. In other words, we can continue fighting, and mostly losing, a thousand individual battles, or we can come together to wage full-scale war to get big money out of politics, and begin to win those individual battles much more easily and at far less cost.

Democratic groups must band together to wage full-scale war to pass campaign finance and lobbying reform now when this very rare opportunity has opened. Our Democratic groups can no longer afford to go it along, fighting and losing battle after battle because our members of Congress are, by necessity, more beholden to the interests who pay for, or can prevent, their re-election than by the American public.

This diary is a call for organized, intelligent action by our Democratic groups. The time has never been more ripe for doing this, and the window of opportunity will not last forever. Let’s seize the day on, and come together to ensure that when Congress acts next month to reverse Citizens United v. FEC, the campaign will serve as a platform for getting our Democratic groups and the voting public aware of how important campaign finance and lobbying reform is to passing strong and effective popular legislation regardless of what that legislation is. We need to jump on the upcoming battle to nullify Citizens United v. FEC, and then swiftly move on to enacting stronger legislation as if all of the other issues we fight for depend on it. In a very real sense, they do.

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Don’t let the Supreme Court destroy our democracy

I just learned from an article by Doug Kendall for Huffington Post, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/doug-kendall/why-courts-matter-a-2010_b_418461.html that the Supreme Court may rule on Citizens United vs. FEC as soon as tomorrow.  If they allow corporations unlimited money on elections, they will give them too much power for citizens to ever again overcome.

Kendal Writes:

To see the significance of this, consider that in his historic run to the presidency, Barack Obama broke every political fundraising record, raising nearly $750 million from more than a million contributors in 2007 and 2008. This sounds impressive until you consider that during 2008 alone, ExxonMobil Corporation generated profits of $45 billion. With a diversion of even 2 percent of these profits to the political process, Exxon could have far outspent the Obama campaign and fundamentally changed the dynamic of the 2008 election, perhaps even the result.

If the Supreme Court decides on behalf of corporations, our American democracy is over.  To my understanding, if they decide that treasonous route, President Obama has only one way to fight back; create two new Supreme Court positions, and then fill them with moderates who will uphold corporate bans on election donations.

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Wake Up Wal-Mart files complaint with FEC

This morning Wake Up Wal-Mart, along with several other groups, hand delivered an official complaint against Wal-Mart to the FEC. Along with the complaint were 60,000 signatures from our members and concerned citizens demanding that the FEC investigate Wal-Mat's illegal meetings where they intimidated workers and attempted to scare them into voting against Democrats.

Following is our statement:

August 14, 2008


WakeUpWalMart.com today, along with American Rights at Work, Change to Win, and the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, jointly filed an official complaint with the Federal Election Commission. The groups filed the complaint of unlawful federal election activity against Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. after a recent Wall Street Journal article reported that the company had been using mandatory meetings to discuss political issues and candidates.

In the official complaint, WakeUpWalMart.com, and its 430,000 members nationally, call on the Federal Election Commission to "immediately open an investigation to determine whether a violation occurred and, if so, to take all appropriate steps to remedy that violation of federal election law."

Along with the complaint, the groups delivered more than 60,000 petitions signed by citizens who want the FEC to investigate Wal-Mart's illicit behavior.

The following statement can be attributed to Meghan Scott, spokesperson for WakeUpWalMart.com.

"Wal-Mart may be the world's largest retailer, and America's number one private employer, but it is not above the law. Wal-Mart has intimidated its workers and attempted to scare them into voting against a particular party and candidate, and from what workers tell us, these meetings haven't stopped.  This behavior proves that Wal-Mart is willing to go to any lengths to put profits ahead of its workers. These meetings, which left many Wal-Mart workers feeling bullied and intimidated, are not just inappropriate, they are likely in violation of federal election law and the world's largest retailer must be held accountable.

"We hope the FEC will act upon our complaint and open an investigation into Wal-Mart's activities as soon as possible."


Thanks for all you do, and if you haven't already signed the petition, check out our action page for the FEC petition.

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Scaring Up Votes: Tell the FEC to Investigate Wal-Mart's Partisan Political Meetings

generalpolitical.jpgIn case you missed it, we just sent out an e-mail to our members asking them to write to the Federal Election Commission and demand an investigation into Wal-Mart's shady tactics. If you haven't heard, the Wall Street Journal broke a story on Friday about mandatory meetings Wal-Mart was having where they were telling their employees not to vote for Democrats. This is, hands down, a disgusting abuse of power, and it may just be illegal too! So take a minute or two to write to the FEC.

Below is the full message that went out to our members, if you didn't get it, you should sign up!

Mandatory political indoctrination, Democrat-bashing, voter intimidation. Yes, it's business as usual at Wal-Mart.

This summer, Wal-Mart has organized mandatory meetings across the country, all with one purpose: to intimidate rank-and-file employees into voting Republican. The company's workers have been forced to attend ideologically-charged, Wal-Mart-sponsored rants against Democrats, Barack Obama, and landmark legislation that would allow workers to vote for or against representation.

We have received several calls from workers, their stories are very similar and similarly unsettling. As one worker put it, "they were telling me how to vote." Another Wal-Mart worker, Beth from Alabama, was told by Wal-Mart management that if she "voted for John McCain, then everything would be okay."

We believe that ideological indoctrination and political scare tactics are completely inappropriate for the workplace. Yet again, Wal-Mart's management has crossed the line, possibly breaking the law in the process. In light of these developments, we are calling for an immediate FEC investigation into Wal-Mart's political bullying at work, but we need your help to make a real impact.

Please tell the FEC to investigate Wal-Mart's mandatory political meetings today.

Outright political intimidation may seem too risqué for a global corporation. Not for Wal-Mart. Stories like the above are actually an emerging part of Bentonville's corporate culture.

Take 2006, when Wal-Mart organized a "voter education program" for employees. The company placed Terry Nelson at the helm: formerly George W. Bush's political director, and later fired for making racist ads about a Democratic politician. Unsurprisingly, Wal-Mart's "education" program amounted to a thin veneer over strident attacks against Democratic candidates nation wide.

Why has Wal-Mart made such an effort to control its workers' voting habits? For one, The company is terrified that Democratic gains will ensure passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. For Wal-Mart, an organized workforce could spell higher wages and better benefits--two things the company has fought tirelessly to avoid.

In the end, Wal-Mart's motives are a moot point. The company has crossed the line, again, and it's time to hold them accountable. You can help us end Wal-Mart's sleazy political schemes by taking a moment to write the FEC today.

Please write the FEC and demand an investigation into Wal-Mart's mandatory employee meetings

Thanks for joining us in support of justice in the workplace, for Wal-Mart workers everywhere,

The Team

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