Dissident Forcibly Hospitalized years, could you be next?

I just listened to a segment on NPR a few hours ago about Wang Wanxing, a Chinese political activist.  Forcibly detained in a Chinese mental institution for 13 years, Mr. Wanxing was recently released and examined by European Forensic Psychiatrists who deemed him mentally sound and falsely hospitalized.  I have written several diaries about my own forcible detention and hospitalization by the FBI in Atlanta, Georgia.  As disturbing and wounding as that experience was, my ordeal wasn't as torturous as that of Mr. Wanxing.

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Coleen Rowley For Congress

I get so frustrated when I see all these learned analyses of the coming midterm elections that zero in-- using business-as-usual predictors-- on the seats that can change hands. And I'm not even a candidate! I spent a lot of time on the phone with one congressional candidate who says the DCCC won't lift a hand to help him although he has no primary opponent and he is challenging a Republican who is likely to be indicted on bribery charges. I had to explain to him that Rahm Emanuel is too busy with his irrational war on Christine Cegelis and other grassroots and progressive Democrats to pay any attention to a race like his.

(Below the fold I point to a race that deserves more attention-- progressive heroine Christine Rowley vs right-wing fanatic John Kline in Minnesota's second congressional district.)

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