The Crusade of George Bush

    As I watch more and more of the intransigence of George Bush, I have been left with only one of two choices. Either the man is insane and stupid or he sees something that I don't see. I use to believe the former and now I am beginning to believe the latter. I think that Mr. Bush believes that his divinely inspired destiny is found in his coming to the rescue of the Holy Land, even if that means unleashing apocalyptic chaos on the world.

    In a meeting with the Palestinian leadership in June of 2003, Mr. Bush instructed the ministers that he believed that God had instructed him to do the following.

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Reshaping the Abortion Debate

Progressives, long in the pro-choice camp have wondered how can they reframe the abortion debate to improve their electoral standing.

I know campaigning in a fairly conservative areas, I've met tons of people who's most important issue is that of abortion.  I've met people who wouldn't vote for my candidates because they were pro-choice.

Anna Quindlen, a columnist for Newsweek, may give progressives the answer. e/newsweek/

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Global warming: Rupert Murdoch joins the fight?!

It's best to fight a battle, such as global warming, on multiple fronts.

While many have been following the rise of global warming activism on the left, for a long time now I've been hoping and praying for a similar rise on the right.  Why?  Once both ends of the political spectrum begin to act, things will really happen.  (Example: the 90-something-to-1 FDA vote in the senate today.)  It's tough to get a risk-averse politician to spend political capital.  Solution: get the value of that capital down to zero.

If we can get the GOP on board, our struggle is over.

Follow me below for a recap of this "Fight on the Right" --- and some absolutely mindblowing breaking news.  Trust me: your jaw will smash your space bar.

(Oh, and dire warning to all you pessimists out there: this is a ROSY, OPTIMISTIC DIARY!)

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Who suffers more - Jesus or wounded soliders? (political cartoon)

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Reprinted from The Satirical Political Report

By now, you've surely heard about the leak of a 140-page secret dossier laying out Rudy Giuliani's masterplan for a 2008 presidential bid, including aides' concerns about his chief vulnerabilities. But press reports have left out the most explosive revelations contained in this highly confidential document:

10. "Mr. 9/11" sleeps with a Teddy Bear given to him by Bernard Kerik.

9. Rudy's biggest liability with evangelicals: perception of name as "Jew-liani."

8. Rudy's biggest liability in South: not abortion stand, but NY Yankee logo tattooed on ass.

7. Rudy's biggest asset in South: that his first wife was his cousin.


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