My Personal Ethics Pledge

Yesterday at Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA, I unveiled my CLEAN House Plan and signed an ethics pledge that goes above and beyond what is currently required of Members of Congress.  I challenged my opponent, Jim Gerlach, to do the same.  

My Congressional Lobbying and Ethics Agenda for the Nation (CLEAN) House Plan goes far beyond the proposals currently being offered in the Congress by both Republicans and Democrats.  

My ethics pledge sets the strictest of standards for personal and professional ethics for a Representative in Congress.  Please feel free to review the pledge here: and send me your comments.  

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Santorum's Jackpot

DJ works for the American Prospect.

Hey everyone.  I wanted to share some news with you all that's breaking today.  Will Bunch has an article in the March edition of The American Prospect about Senator Rick Santorum's finances, both personal and political. GOP leaders have appointed Santorum as their Senate point man on ethics reform, but this article raises some serious questions about the way he conducts Pennsylvanians' business.

For instance, Santorum secured a mortgage refinancing in 2002 from a private Philadelphia bank on his $757,000 Leesburg, Virginia McMansion. The bank says it offers mortgages only to its clients, who must have investment assets of $250,000. On his disclosure form covering the period when he got the refinancing, Santorum listed less than $140,000 in total assets. And directors and officers of the bank have donated $24,000 to his campaign.

You can read the full article here: Santorum's Jackpot.  And the sidebar (about the charity) is here: Sour Charity.  And feel free to recommend this post only if you think other folks should see this info.

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The House Leadership Vacuum

Atrios highlights an important article in the Washington Post today.  Ostensibly, the article is about the Republicans in 1994, but it touches on some very key themes, such as how leadership is promoted within the two parties.  The article discusses the 'Gang of 7' backbenchers on the GOP and asks the very good question of why there is no gang for the Democrats.

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Whatever happened to Pelosi's ethics drive?

bumped - Matt

I seem to remember that, just after the Christmas/New Year break, Congressional Dems came on all feisty about the need for action on the ethics rules governing members' conduct.

(And, with indictments freshly inked at the time in the name of well-known GOP operatives, little wonder about that.)

I have a scout round - and indeed find this, a piece from January 12 in the Sac Bee entitled Pelosi: Ethics panel should probe Doolittle, Pombo.

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Tom DeLay on Ethics Reform: Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy?

Earlier this week, DeLay voted against a Republican-sponsored lobbying reform bill.  The bill was introduced by Republican Rep. David Dreier of California, and it passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support.  But DeLay was one of 50 Members who voted against it.  Once again, Tom Delay stood up for Washington lobbyists and special interest groups instead of the people who live, work, and raise their families here in TX-22.

And if you need any more proof that Tom DeLay is more concerned with lining the pockets of his lobbyist friends in Washington than reducing our massive foreign debt, increasing homeland security, and improving education in Texas, just listen to this audio clip of DeLay telling members of the Rosenberg-Richmond Chamber of Commerce that ethics reform is really just a vast left-wing conspiracy! No wonder members of his own party are trying to get rid of him.

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