Fighting Dem Documentary: Discovery's "Taking the Hill"

Last week I saw a partial screening (55 minutes) of  one of the best political documentary films I've ever seen, "Taking the Hill".  The final product (90 minutes) airs on the Discovery Times Channel this Tuesday, Dec. 12, at 9:00 EST.  Discovery Times is available on most digital & satellite cable systems.

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Into the Future

This brief weekly blog will not occupy a great deal of your time - nor will it announce new policy statements, but rather it will continue the dialogue that was started almost two years ago when I started to reach out across the net to express the politcalpolitical vision that became my campaign.

Randy Kuhl, my opponent in this congressional race, predicted immediately that I would leave the upstate New York area - that, of course is what he would most strongly desires. My family and I are staying right here. Corning is our home and I remain as committed to our collective and individual futures now as I was on the day that I decided to run for office some two years ago. I can only guess that Kuhl did not listen any of the numerous times I explained why I'd moved to Corning six years ago and how I'd stated repeatedly that I would be taken out of my Corning home "feet first." 

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John Edwards calls New Yorkers for Arcuri, Massa, Gillibrand

John Edwards is helping elect D-WFP Congressional candidates Mike Arcuri, Eric Massa and Kirsten Gillibrand. John and the WFP have recorded robocalls that are going out to voters in NY-24, NY-29 and NY-20. With all the coverage of negative robocalls, I wanted to share these positive calls. Listen to all three:

This is part of the Working Families Party's effort to Take Back Congress.  Check out the rest of the Working Families Party's Take Back Congress campaign material.  And then check out the Working Families Party's 2006 endorsements.

New Yorkers can vote for D-WF candidates on the WFP's ballot line, Row E.  Your vote still counts to elect the candidate you vote for, and you can vote your values.

Good luck tomorrow everyone!

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NY-29: 48 Hours to Save America: All Hands on Deck

Today (Sunday) I will be touring in the district with General Wesley Clark and tomorrow (Monday) President Bill Clinton and Senator Max Cleland will be here.

While it may be hard to fathom, we are now 48 hours away from our last best chance to save this Nation that we call the United States of America.  

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NY-29: Manhattan Get Involved - Elect Eric Massa

Are we going to push netroots candidate Eric Massa over the top?

The Working Families Party is gearing up for our final weekend of phonebanking, and we want it to be the biggest yet.  Now is the time to pull out all the stops and elect Eric Massa to Congress.

Come to 330 West 42nd St (between 8th-9th Aves) in Manhattan (map here) and head up to the 7th floor.  We'll train you, give you a script, and get you on the phones.  You'll be using the latest internet predictive dialers, so you'll spend your time talking to voters instead of dialing numbers.

Times: Friday from 5pm to 9pm and Saturday through Election Day from 10am to 9pm

RSVP to Patrick at 917-862-2880 or or sign up online at s

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