NY-29: Massa In; Kuhl Confronts Constituent For Filming Him

Eric Massa, who was recently discovered to be the most commonly written about House candidate on MyDD, is in for a rematch against Randy Kuhl:
Eric Massa, a Corning Democrat who lost to incumbent Rep. John R. Kuhl Jr., R-Hammondsport, by 6,000 votes in 2006, will seek the 29th Congressional District seat again next year.

Massa said Friday that he is establishing an exploratory committee to prepare for another race.

"I'm literally starting from ground zero," said Massa, a retired Naval officer and former Corning Inc. employee. "I was going to be very happy to stay in retirement, but the issues of today underline the need for an honest debate of the issues."

Massa said some of those issues include the recent closing of a mental health unit at the Canandaigua Veterans Affairs Hospital, and Kuhl's votes on the Employee Free Choice Act and the war in Iraq.

"He has rubber-stamped George Bush's failed foreign policy agenda," Massa said.

Massa trailed Kuhl, 63, by about 6,000 votes out of nearly 200,000 cast in the sprawling, eight-county district last year.
One tactic that looks as though it will be very effective against Kuhl this time around will simply be to follow him around with a video camera. When Rochester Turning was filming Kuhl giving an interview to a local TV station after a town hall meeting that was open to the public, it pissed Kuhl off so much that he confronted the guy doing the filming, ended the interview with the local TV station, and then stormed out of the townhall:

At least he didn't call the Indian-American blogger filming the interview "macaca," but he did refuse to answer any more questions about Iraq. The interviewer from the local TV station seemed none too happy about that.

In a presidential year, areas like Rochester, which are not in "swing states," will be the focus for House elections. Further, blogs like Rochester Turning, which helped to draft Massa back into the race, are going to make a much bigger impact in 2008 than they made even in 2006. I hope that campaigns such as Massa's are able to reach out to this new infrastructure, and use it to its fullest possible advantage.

When Heroes are Treated like Zeroes

Nothing is too good for our Veterans and that is exactly what they are getting: nothing too good. This Thursday I transmitted a newsletter to many of our supporters and friends that discussed the ongoing and tragically growing scandal about the fate of the Veterans who are returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  While much of what we are reading about this scandal is no real surprise to those of us who have experience with Veteran-related issues,  one thing about this is surprising: that what we are reading about actually occurred within the boundaries of the Active Duty Army before they ever got into the VA system.  And, lest you think that all these stories are just isolated occurrences, read this piece about homeless Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and you'll understand that what we have heard about is only the tip of the iceberg.  

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Draft Eric Massa 2/21/07

Just wanted to pop back in to let others who missed it last week know that there is a new Draft Eric Massa for NY-29 website up here.  For thos who don't know Eric Massa was a great candidate for NY-29 this past cycle, but feel a sliver short against the Randy "shotgun" Kuhl.  Eric has strong experience in International Security issues and clearly thinks significantly different than Mr. Kuhl on a wide range of issues.  Please visit the website and show Eric your support.

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Clark Makes Republicans Ring Hollow

Wes Clark is a painfully honest man. Why that adjective? Because of the grief Wes Clark frequently receives for telling the truth when a lie would go down smoother. Supposedly, however, honesty is a virtue. Clark is also a man who has devoted his entire life to service to his nation, and his heart to one incredible woman. No one can question Clark's loyalty or devotion. Nor can anyone ever say that Wes Clark is soft on security. He has four bullet wounds and four stars to attest to his commitment to America's security.

In short, no one can ever attack Wes Clark's patriotism or core values. Republicans find ways to lie about any Democrat, and they have in the past and will in the future do so about Wes Clark also, if they have to. And they will have to if Democrats show any sign of waking up to the fact that we can nominate a man who most Americans, not just Democrats, will willingly embrace as their next leader. Wes Clark is the real package that Republicans have repeatedly been trying to sell America a counterfeit version of for decades. Wes Clark makes Republicans ring hollow.

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Massa on Fox, Democracy Now, Tue. Dec. 12

24 year Navy Veteran & Fighting Dem Eric Massa, who narrowly lost to Rep. Randy Kuhl in New York's 29th district in 2006, will be on Fox's Martha McCallum show today, Dec. 12 in the 1:00 PM hour (EST). Schedules are subject to change.

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