2008 Netroots Candidates and Opportunism

Earlier today I mentioned that there are people in Maryland's fourth considering jumping into the primary race against Al Wynn now that Donna Edwards showed him as vulnerable.  This is actually happening in a few districts, and it's something I would discourage.  I don't have a problem with most primary races, and I tend to think they are good for bringing out public debate.  But if a candidate is in a longshot race and ends up coming very close to pulling off an upset without any institutional backing, it's bad form not to let them have another chance.  After all, what kind of incentive is it to candidates to run for Congress in longshot races if they know that coming close will only lead to a more cautious and established politician leaping in to push them out of the way?

Take New York's 29th and Eric Massa.  Rochester Turning put this out some time ago and I've been meaning to link to it.

This is craziness - Bausch and Lomb exec Dave Nachbar (who lives in Pittsford) may challenge Massa for Democratic nomination of the 29th district. Talk about a fool's errand.

I'm going to put this simply: No Democrat from the 29th has any chance of winning in the general election if he's not from down south (Massa, who almost won last time, is from Corning). None. Zero. Zippo. Nil. What a terrible waste of time and energy for a man who, by all accounts, sounds like he has a lot to offer. If he's willing to move to Steuben County, live there for a few years, and then run, God bless him. But he'll never win the general election in this district running from up here.

Louise Slaughter is backing Dave Nachbar, and Nachbar is self-financing.  Massa has done an enormous amount of work to build the party in the district, and ran when it looked like he had very little chance.  And he lost narrowly, with no support from the DCCC.  

Slaughter's move here is puzzling, though Nachbar is a maxed out donor to her so some loyalty makes sense.  Nachbar was also a maxed out donor to the DCCC in 2006, and apparently is a good guy.  Still, he doesn't have grassroots support and he didn't step up last cycle before it was clear Kuhl was vulnerable.

I don't like the whiff of opportunism here.  Lots of candidates challenged Republicans in 2006 and got no establishment support.  It's time for the party insiders, many of whom regret not throwing more support into districts like the 29th, help talk people like Nachbar out of the race.

I don't get Louise Slaughter, though she is fairly old politics and the lure of self-funding might be high for her.

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Stand Up to the Corporatists: A New Declaration of Rights

This past week, I announced my Declaration of Rights Which have Been Denied. This Declaration of Rights Which Have Been Denied is my way of expanding upon the Rights listed in FDR's 1944 State of the Union message to Congress, which I have mentioned before here and here.  I believe, and polls support this belief, that the way forward for the Democratic Party is to confront President Bush and the Rubber Stamp Republicans for selling out to Corporate Interests and denying the People important Rights.  This occasionally puts me at odds with some Beltway Insiders.  But I'm not running to work for Beltway Insiders.  I'm running to work for the People.  

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Global Warming and People-Powered Politics

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First, let me extend another heartfelt thank you to the netroots community for the support my team and I received in the Democracy for America Grassroots All-Stars Contest.  Circumstances prevented me from responding directly to many of your comments and questions to diaries posted during the week as I was constantly traveling from one event to another, all the while feverishly making phone calls in my free time during the competition.  But today I am here and will be answering questions for the next few hours.

Today I want to talk about Global Warming and Climate Change and how it relates to people-powered politics.  During this past week we talked a lot about people-powered politics.  One important goal is to speak truth to power when power is threatening the liberty of the people and/or working against the best interests of the people.  This is especially true with respect to Global Warming where the damage we are facing is not just to a singular group but rather to the entire planet.

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Who will taste grassroots victory??

Hey MyDD

Democracy for America is powered by the grassroots. Over half a million DFA members on the ground in all 50 states drive campaigns up and down the ballot, in and out of the Democratic Party, and on and off the web.  You know as well as I do how important each of our roles is and how powerful we are when we work together.

The DFA Grassroots All-Star endorsement is reserved for the candidate that brings our entire community together. This is the reason it generates so much volunteer support, money, and media buzz. Why it jumpstarts the winner's campaign and adds credibility.  That's why it helped win Congressman Jerry McNerney, 2006 DFA Grassroots All-Star, his seat in Congress last November.  

Now, we need to unite behind a candidate again.

Three great candidates have a chance to win the 2007 DFA Grassroots All-Star endorsement.  Your vote will decide who wins.

Vote Right Now 

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US Attorney firings explained: Democracy at the Midnight Hour

Editor's note from the Massa for Congress blog team: Eric Massa will not be live-blogging today.  He is on the road taking his son to freshman orientation.

It has been said the eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.  The broader quote could have been written today:

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty--power is ever stealing from the many to the few.... The hand entrusted with power becomes ... the necessary enemy of the people. Only by continual oversight can the democrat in office be prevented from hardening into a despot: only by unintermitted Agitation can a people be kept sufficiently awake to principle not to let liberty be smothered in material prosperity.

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