PA-3 GOP's English gets big break?

Embattled and targeted PA-3 GOP Rep. Phil English appears to have gotten a break (not sure how significant a help at this point) in his tough 2008 reelection.  Candidate Steve Porter resigned from the Democratic Party and will run as an Independent against English, thus splitting the anti-GOP, anti-English vote and thus helping English get reelected.

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Much Ado About English

I tend to lean in agreement with the argument that says we don't do anyone a favor by offering multi-language services because they allow some segment of the immigrant population--however large or small that segment may be--to navigate through daily life in America without ever becoming fluent in the English language.  But we've had such services for decades now, and if American society is collapsing, it isn't because the signs on some grocery stores in Los Angeles read Super Mercado.  

Under the fold: por que?

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Our Immigration Conundrum

Our immigration policy resembles the ineffective war on drugs. For decades we've spent billions of dollars on interdiction and law enforcement yet trafficking only increases. Similarly, the federal government continues to increase spending on border patrol and enforcement to no avail. Indeed, in November 2005, the the Migration Policy Institute described how spending has increased since the passage of the Immigration Control and Reform Act of 1986(ICRA):

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