How To Not Hire An American - MUST SEE VIDEO

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Our goal is clearly NOT TO FIND a qualified and interested U.S. worker.

It's on video, believe it or not, and even presented as a selling point to peddle their services by Cohen & Grigsby Law Firm.  That's right, this group of attorneys put an entire seminar on how to screw over the American worker on YouTube. Imagine that, a seminar from lawyers on how to make sure one doesn't have to hire an American worker!

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Saving the World One Job Interview at a Time

Last night I attended a showing of the Motherhood Manifesto documentary. This documentary highlights the work of, a growing movement with over 50,000 members - and particularly their effort to end employment discrimination against mothers.

I'm all for ending that discrimination - my own mother was denied a job because she was asked a question to determine whether she had daughters or sons (one of the benefits the employer offered would have been considerably more expensive for daughters). Yet I was left with a subtle feeling of increased anomie after the show. 24 hours of thinky thoughts later, I think I know the source of my discomfort, and I also have a new outlook on business and labor law.

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Chris Carney Hiring Field Director

Over the past few months, Carney for Congress has really taken off.   Our polling is great, our fundraising has taken off, and we are looking for a top-notch Field Director.  If you are interested in the position, see the job description below the jump.  Some race details:

1. In late April we released our polling, which showed a statistical dead heat without leaners (DS-41, CC-39, Und-20), and a single-digit race with leaners. Poll internals are available here.

2. On May 16th, Don Sherwood received only 56% of the R vote in his primary race against an unknown (12% name rec) challenger, Kathy Scott.  Sherwood spent over $360,000 in the primary and got robocalls from President Bush and Rick Santorum.  Scott send one mail piece and spent $12,000 total. She got 44%.

3. Our June 30th filing will show a cash on hand over $300,000, which is a 333% increase since the pre-primary filing on April 26th.  Sherwood's filing will report $479,000, which is only a 1% increase.

This is a race that many people discounted from day one (even though Sherwood's re-elect is 21%).  We believed as many of you did that there was a chance.  Now we know we can win.  We need your help to do it.

See below for the job description.

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The USA In Our Chevrolet Looks Bad. Ford Did Not Have A Better Idea ©

For years, we have heard General Motor's executives complain of costs. They say the cost of doing business in America is too high.  According to corporate administrators, American laborers insist that employers cover health care expenses.  Companies must honor pensions awarded in the past, and then there are those wages, oh, those wages.  The management has cried out; they cannot continue do business under these circumstances and still make a profit.  General Motor's bosses plead for understanding and ask their workers to sacrifice their wages and benefits.  Even when the laborers comply, it is never enough.

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I lost my job yesterday

Sad, isn't it, that I can distinctly remember reading posts with the same title on numerous occasions? Until now, I've read each, helped when needed and lamented the sorry state of affairs under the Bush economy. And until now, I've counted myself thankful that I was able to maintain steady employment. But yesterday I lost my job.

President Bush once called having three jobs "uniquely American." I wonder what he would call having no jobs? Probably just "American," since being unemployed is a fairly common thing under the Bush administration. Joblessness is up and so is the hopelessness that things won't be getting better anytime soon under current leadership.

But what gives me hope for the future - mine and everyone else's - is what I've seen at places like this. At meetings with other progressives. At the sight of us saying to each other, "We are the people we've been waiting for," and working toward a better tomorrow.

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