Is It Me John Edwards?

Is it me John Edwards or are you are damn idiot!

All the news stations are quietly reporting on your confession on how you are the father of this beautiful baby girl. But I am going to say it....what's on every Democrats mind....YOU ARE A DAMN IDIOT!

You inspired me in 2004 with your speech on poverty the night of the Iowa Caucus.

I voted for you in the Ohio Primary in 2004. And you are a DAMN IDIOT.

You stood on those stages during the debates in 2008, pointed to your parents, your hard working parents, and stated how much they inspired you. You did this while you wanted to lie about a paternity test. While you were sleeping with another woman, while your wife deals with breast cancer. YOU ARE A DAMN IDIOT.

You blasted Hillary about double speak on the topic of illegal immigrants while you were sleeping with another woman? SERIOUS? Double Speak Yourself you Ass. YOU ARE A DAMN IDIOT!

No one is saying this. Not Chris Matthews, not Rachel Maddow, not CNN....hell not even the Republicans and/or conservative news shows. I WILL SAY IT....YOU ARE A DAMN IDIOT.

Back room negiotians on the V.P. slot or Att. General slot while you were sleeping with another woman...oh and by the way...YOUR CURRENT WIFE HAS BREAST CANCER. 


Finally, looking at you during the debates, going after Hillary, knowing what she has lived through, because remember, you were sleeping with another woman at the time, and you still attacked and attacked and attacked. Well she is Secretary of State and you are ......well..... A DAMN IDIOT!!!

Your thoughts?


John Edwards To Admit Fathering Child with Rielle Hunter

Not surprising I suspect in the grand scheme of things but former two-time Presidential candidate and a former Senator from North Carolina John Edwards is to admit fathering a daughter, now 18 months old, out-of-wedlock with his ex-mistress Rielle Hunter as he was preparing his second Presidential run.

The story from WRAL-Raleigh:

Sources have told WRAL News that they expect former U.S. Sen. John Edwards to admit that he is the father of his former mistress' 18-month-old daughter.

Edwards, a two-time Democratic presidential candidate, confessed last August to having an affair with Rielle Hunter, who served as a videographer on Edwards' 2008 campaign. He has denied fathering her daughter, saying his relationship with Hunter ended before the child was conceived.

The name of the girl's father isn't disclosed on her birth certificate.

Andrew Young, a long-time Edwards aide, initially claimed to be the father of Hunter's child, but he is reportedly writing a book in which he will claim Edwards is the father.

A federal grand jury is investigating whether Edwards' campaign funds were illegally paid to Hunter to keep quiet about the affair.

Hunter spent nine hours last Thursday at the federal courthouse in Raleigh, where the grand jury was meeting. She brought her daughter, Frances, with her.

Young was at the federal courthouse in July when the grand jury was meeting.

Sources said Edwards' public admission could come before the end of the criminal investigation.

Edwards' attorney, Wade Smith, couldn't be reached Thursday for comment.

As a strong Edwards supporter, I still feel deeply betrayed that John Edwards had the hubris to run for the Presidency after engaging in such reckless behavior. I don't expect those who run for higher office to be saints but I'd appreciate it if they weren't scum either.

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A Complicated Question

Asked by Oprah Winfrey if she still loves her husband, Elizabeth Edwards responds "You know, that's a complicated question." I can relate. I too loved John Edwards, one of just three American politicians on the national stage, the others are Paul Simon and Paul Tsongas, in my adulthood who so moved me. John Edwards inspired me to become more deeply involved in the political process for the first time in over a decade. I believed in John Edwards like I have believed in few others.

And I remain thankful to John Edwards for two things. First, he spoke forcefully and eloquently of eradicating poverty as a moral imperative and thus reawakened a long dormant debate on social inequality in this country. Not to deny that others also attempted to raise these issues, but John Edwards successfully made it part of our national conversation. That is to his lasting credit. Second, he moved Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the Democratic party leftward like no politician had done since Bobby Kennedy or perhaps George McGovern. Because of John Edwards' lead, the Democratic Party has begun to rediscover its working class roots all too often lost in the parched fog of thirty years in a political desert.

But John Edwards did the party, the nation and above all his family a great disservice in running for President. I am stuck by this passage from Elizabeth's forthcoming book, Resilience:

I wanted him to drop out of the race, protect our family from this woman, from his act. It would only raise questions, he said, he had just gotten in the race; the most pointed questions would come if he dropped out days after he had gotten in the race. And I knew that was right, but I was afraid of her.

And now he knows I was right to be afraid, that once he had made this dreadful mistake, he should not have run. But just then he was doing, I believe, what I was trying to do: hold on to our lives despite this awful error in judgment.

That he should not have run is blatantly obvious but I wonder if John Edwards realizes that error in judgment. Complicated questions remain but frankly it is time to let this sad affair lapse into the deepest recesses of our memories and let John Edwards' political ambitions perish on the folly of his own capriciousness. But let us hope that his voice may yet again be raised in the cause of eradicating poverty. That moral imperative remains intact.

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Obama campaign holding "Health Care Canvasses" today

Barack Obama's campaign is already running two television ads that make the case against John McCain on health care.

Today the Obama campaign will send volunteers out knocking on doors in ten Iowa cities to "talk about the differences between the Obama plan to make health care affordable and the McCain plan to tax employees' health benefits." I assume canvassers will be doing the same thing in other states.

I think it's smart for Obama to push this point about McCain wanting to tax health care benefits, but don't imagine that this is the only thing wrong with McCain's health care plan.

Elizabeth Edwards made a strong case against other aspects of McCain's plan this spring. (See also this article about her speech to the annual meeting of the Association of Health Care Journalists.) One of the biggest problems is that insurers could continue to exclude people with pre-existing conditions, including cancer survivors like McCain and Elizabeth Edwards.

Whether or not you canvass today, you may want to bring up these points as well as the tax issue if you talk with undecided voters about the difference between Obama and McCain on health care reform.

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Where's the Outrage?

Rush Limbaugh today:    

"We know -- we've been told that Elizabeth Edwards is smarter than John Edwards. That's part of the puff pieces on them that we've seen. Ergo, if Elizabeth Edwards is smarter than John Edwards, is it likely that she thinks she knows better than he does what his speeches ought to contain and what kind of things he ought to be doing strategy-wise in the campaign? If she is smarter than he is, could it have been her decision to keep going with the campaign? In other words, could it be that she doesn't shut up? Now, that's as far as I'm going to go....

   It just seems to me that Edwards might be attracted to a woman whose mouth did something other than talk." Limbaugh went on to say in a subsequent segment: "my theory that I just explained to you about why -- you know, what could have John Edwards' motivations been to have the affair with Rielle Hunter, given his wife is smarter than he is and probably nagging him a lot about doing this, and he found somebody that did something with her mouth other than talk."

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