I took the sword out of my chest

Hello Everyone,

I'm Barry Welsh.  I took on Mike Pence without even a sling and five rocks!   I am writing to thank all of you that made our effort in Indiana's 6th Congressional District against Mike Pence possible.

I do not come with a heavy heart, I do not speak with malice or contempt, and I am not passing judgment on how money was dispersed by National, State or District Committees.

I am here accepting defeat in an election, and claiming victory in a campaign, because that is what happened.

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CO-04: Dems Rally in Greeley For Angie, "I'll be that Change"

While Bush may have come to Greeley, CO to try to save the seat of Marilyn Musgrave on Saturday, the candidates here in Colorado who can speak before a crowd without the need of a script rallied today, Sunday, in this battleground city of the 4th CD.

Senator Ken Salazar, Gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter and Democratic congressional challenger Angie Paccione took the stage before about 500 enthusiatic citizens to explain why this is such an important election.  When Angie took the microphone to cheers of "Angie!  Angie!  Angie!" She presented the simple, obvious reasons why the Democrats must take back Congress and why Musgrave must go.

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CO-04: Report from Paccione Campaign HQ

I left Washington, DC Friday and flew to Colorado to help out on the Angie Paccione congressional campaign, arriving at campaign HQ in Fort Collins around 9PM. The staff here is psyched and energetic and the field operation has gone full throttle with several hundred volunteers this weekend knocking on doors of both Democrats and Independents making sure that they get to the polls. Just today, Saturday, about 30,000 doors were knocked on by canvassers, with many people telling us they had already voted for Angie through absentee or early voting -- they have a very good early voting system in Colorado. What is great about being in the field is that you can really get a feel for the energy and momentum of a campaign -- and Angie's team has it.

Three members of Congress were here to help rev up the troops -- Diana DeGette (CO), Diane Watson (CA), and Barbara Lee (CA). At the meeting point for canvassers in Longmont, Diane Watson gave a stirring talk about why this election was so critically important just before everyone went to walk their assigned precincts.

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DESTROY the NY GOP Now! Read This!

My Friends. Please read this and take action. It won't cost you a cent and it might go a long way to rid the GOP scum from the NY political pond.

First the (brief) background...

We are in a position to virtually wipe Republican power from the face of New York State. How great would that be! That's right, we have the potential to pick up SEVEN house seats in addition to the governor's mansion.

Below are the seven potential Dem House pickups. With Spitzer, Clinton, and Cuomo all dominating their opponent's by LARGE margins, there will likely be a coattail effect that carries over to the congressional elections. In particular, Democrats are going to be very excited about getting to the polls while disenchanted Republicans might find it's a great day to wash their hair.

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The Smart Money: Where to Put Yours in the Last 2 Weeks

We want to help, but have limited funds - which campaigns would benefit most from smaller, last-minute contributions?  Focusing on House races, where contributions will have a greater impact at this point, I am looking for races that: 1) Are potentially competitive, maybe surprises at this late point in the campaign season; 2) Are not getting the support they need from the national party; 3) Are the districts in media markets where a little more money will mean the candidates will be better able to get their message out?

The 8 races I have come up with:

1)    Victoria Wulsin (OH-2):  One would think that after Mean Jean Schmidt's misguided tirade against Jack Murtha last Fall, this seat would have been a DCCC target, but when Paul Hackett didn't run for this seat, the national party lost its interest.  While this race shares the media market with the Cranley-Chabot race (OH-1), and the DCCC has supported Cranley from the beginning, they have not done much for Dr. Wulsin.  She has a great ad that she is trying to air as much as possible and polls show her within striking distance.  The leaked RNC memo that Chris Bowers posted early this week has the GOP believing this race is a toss-up.
2)    Larry Grant (ID-1): All Larry has to do is to show the statements of Republican elected officials about his opponent, Bill Sali, to make this race competitive in a very Red state.  But as a bonus, Larry has a great resume and is running a well-balanced, thoughtful campaign.  Republicans for Grant has become an essential part of the campaign.  The last poll I saw had Grant ahead but over 60% undecided, but the GOP must be nervous as they are pouring hundreds of thousands into a seat that should normally be a sure-thing.
3)    Eric Massa (NY-29): Eric wiped the floor with Randy Kuhl in a series of debates over the past 3 weeks.  His integrity, energy and engaging personality shine through when you meet Eric, and his experience in the Navy and with Wesley Clark in Europe for NATO is well-suited for these times.  This district used to be represented by the moderate Republican Amo Houghton until he retired two years ago, but Randy Kuhl is no moderate.  If he gets the support, Eric should be able to ride the NY Democratic wave into office.

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