Officials Violate Voting Rights & State Laws by Implementing Stricter Photo ID Requirements

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State and federal law outlines, protects, and facilitates the voting rights of citizens. Under ideal circumstances, these laws make voting equally accessible to all eligible Americans without unnecessary barriers or hurdles. Unfortunately, the right to vote is too often misconstrued by the very officials charged with helping to protect and facilitate that right, leaving voters at best confused, and at worst disenfranchised.

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Record Voter Turnout Indicates Closing of Electoral Gaps With the Help of Early Vote

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Weekly Voting Rights News Update

By Erin Ferns

Final election results from the 2008 presidential election reveal that voter turnout was at the "highest level in 40 years." However, the biggest gain cannot just be seen in overall turnout. As Project Vote assessed in a recent report on 2008 voter demographics - now confirmed by other sources - the biggest gain was among minority and young voters. This success signifies a shift towards a more balanced electorate, and may herald election reforms to expand early voting and voter registration opportunities.

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Perfect Obama Fieldwork Operation in Wisconsin

Fitchburg, WI - Worked the early shift today at a high turn-out ward in Fitchburg, WI, next to Madison.

We received two separate knocks at our door in last three days.

I worked as an election inspector from 6:00 AM to 1:30 PM.

The register-at-the-poll crowd was huge in the morning, and was steady when I just left now.

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