Home Depot Founder: Give Republican Or Get Shot

Well this is classy. Bernie Marcus, the founder and former CEO of Home Depot, warned other business owners about the risk of a big Dem majority (via Ari at Oxdown):

If a retailer has not gotten involved with this, if he has not spent money on this election, if he has not sent money to Norm Coleman and these other guys," Mr. Marcus said, apparently referring to Republican senators facing tough re-election fights, then those retailers "should be shot; should be thrown out of their goddamn jobs.

He's worried about card check, of course. The fight over the Employee Free Choice Act will be a brutal one. With the Begich win in Alaska last night, progressives moved another step closer to such monumental legislation.

Expect Republican panic.

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Elections Have Consequences

Even before we know the final outcomes of the Senate races in Georgia, Minnesota, and Alaska, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is already working to maximize the new Democratic majority. From The Hill (via AMERICAblog):

Senate Democratic leaders plan to cut Republican committee seats to reflect the new balance of power in the upper chamber, according to Democratic aides.

Republicans will lose at least one seat on most committees and may lose as many as two on some of the larger panels, such as the powerful Appropriations committee.
Don Stewart, spokesman for Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), said Democratic and Republican leaders had not yet met to negotiate the new committee ratios. He questioned whether the Senate would automatically follow precedent on the issue.

"There's lots of precedents for lots of things," said Stewart. "None of that stuff is going to start until everyone is back in town and we know how many members we have."

I laughed out loud at the "there's lots of precedents for lots of things" line. Indeed there are - and this is the one for winning.

I know there's a lot of attention on what happens to Lieberman (and there should be), but Joe's fate is not the only new reality in the Senate. The map has changed. It's a new day.

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Drudge, Hannity Pushing McCain's "Irregularity" Excuse

Get ready for some ironic Republican conventional wisdom: election illegitimacy because of these problems - even though they're anecdotal.

McCain's campaign sent out a release today titled "ELECTION DAY IRREGULARITIES IN BATTLEGROUND STATES" that pushed stories including the guy wearing Black Panther garb in PA and questions regarding military ballots in VA. In all, the release pushed about 11 stories of various unverified irregularities. And as recently as about 30 minutes ago, Drudge was pushing half of them at the top of his site. Sean Hannity was pounding them on his radio show this afternoon.

And many of the items reference Fox News stories - the whole thing is self-verifying.

So just a heads-up: this will be the first Republican excuse for a big loss tonight.

Full McCain release after the jump...

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Go Vote

Jonathan and I are canvassing with SEIU out in Nevada today, but we quickly broke out the laptop to remind those of you still at work or school to go and VOTE.

No matter what state you live in. No matter whether you've voted in every past election or never once. Voting is our duty.

And if you're feeling a little nervous about tonight's results, there's a great way to make yourself feel better: go vote and go volunteer.

All the info you need is one click away at voteforchange.com.

Find your polling location and vote.

Trust us, there's no news to catch up on. Or blogs to read. Come back in a few hours once the polls close. But now, go vote.

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A Union Member For Change

Jonathan and I are out in Nevada for the election, and on Sunday we sat down with Courtney Errington, an SEIU member here in Las Vegas who works as a property manager for Clark County.


She's been organizing with SEIU for a while. And even though members got out the vote for Kerry here in 2004, she says nothing compares to the excitement people are feeling this year for the Democratic ticket.

So just as she has for years, Courtney's out knocking doors and making calls.

She's been in Obama's corner for quite some time - back before SEIU even endorsed. But as an executive board member, she had to keep her preferences private. So the last months have been fun:

When [SEIU] finally made the endorsement, I said "oh my goodness, thank God, I can come out of the closet!"

And just because things are looking good doesn't mean Courtney's letting up:

As far as my part: nobody's safe. Even if I'm in the grocery store in line. See, the people in front of me will walk away eventually, so I turn to the people behind me and say 'have you early voted?'

Well, have you?

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