suspended "bush/hitler" teacher reinstated

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you may remember we wrote about the colorado teacher who was suspended on paid administrative leave after a student recorded part of his class (wherein the teacher compared and contrasted awol with hitler, among other things) and then the student shopped the tape around to various right-wing media.

well, the rocky mountain news reports that the teacher will be allowed to return to his class room on monday.

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Do lefties care about poor kids' schooling?

Somerby (past couple of months passim) says, absofuckinglutely not.

Now, I'm sure there are specialist edblogs who do sterling work covering the subject. That's not who he's talking about, I'm pretty sure.

He's talking, I think, about the likes of Moulitsas and Drum and Marshall and Yglesias and Bowers and Prospect and Nation, etc, etc.

My impression - he has Nexis, I don't - is that he's broadly right.

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Despite the polls, Bush corporate welfare is on track

The NYT happily provides a catalogue of the Bush Corporate Welfare Plan - past, present and future.

The culture stuff may make the most waves, and give his base the most ya-yas. But corporate welfare is the Bush regime's engine-room; and, with his bench of Congressional Dem enablers usually ready to bridge the gap when he's a few votes short, there's no sign of it seizing up.

So far, Bad Poll Bush is crying all the way to the bank.

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An Open Invitation to David Horowitz

What bothers me most about David Horowitz's jihad against American educational institutions is that it deflects from the very real need for reform within academic faculties.  One of the problems facing our colleges and universities is a lack of intellectual diversity amongst the teachers, as Peter Schuck points out, but the solution is not the "Horowitzian" one of mandating political diversity through political control of educational institutions.

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Students Suffocate Under Debt

Tom Dillon, 19, a pre-pharmacy major at the University of Connecticut, is carrying $52,000 in student loans. And he's just getting started. When he gets his pharmacy doctorate in four years, he expects his debt to exceed $150,000. Dillon's been drawn to pharmacy since age 5, when he found out he had epilepsy.

"When I get out, I'm going to have that $150,000 weighing over me," he says. "What I decide is going to be dependent on that debt."

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