Congressman Mike Pence on Education and Global Warming

My name is Barry Welsh.  I am running for Congress in Indiana's 6th District.  I am a Democratic Candidate.  I have a primary in Seven days and 8 hours.  

I have been all over this district, which is the size of the State of New Hampshire, and covers 19 counties.  I haven't done enough, one never can, but we have done much more than has been done in a long while in this district.

We have one week to go, and we are going to be getting some advertising out and doing some key sign placement, and speaking at lots of places.  

Since we are one week from the primary, I need to ask for funding from anyone that can possibly help pre-primary.  I have found my best fund raising tool is my opponent in November.  Current Congressman Mike Pence. (See Below)

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Let's stop destroying our public education

  "No Child Left Behind," the Bush administration's under funded plan to raise the academic achievement of all students, is so flawed that one must question the motivation of those who designed and passed this legislation. All Americans desire quality education for their children and accountability in our public school system, "NCLB" appears to be designed instead as a means to dismantle our public school system.

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If it Was Good Enough for Hitler

...Every little thing that can be done to chip away at the Constitution and Bill of Rights is being done by the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature. If the children are now to be taught only the approved curriculum, to be accepted without comment, we may wind up with the equivalent of a Hitler Jugend or a Soviet Young Pioneers here in the United States....

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Student Loans: A killer issue for Democrats

Hi, if you don't know me, I'm a 17 year old middle class high school senior from CT who's going to college in the fall.  Like many in this generation, I am being confronted with skyrocketing tuition costs.

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OH-04: The Real Cost of Charter Schools

Last week, the Columbus Dispatch had a great article on the amount of taxpayer money some private charter schools are pocketing.  One politically-connected charter school company takes a whopping 1/3 of taxpayer money for profit and management fees each year!  That's $15.3 million dollars of your money that could have gone to better public education.

This misuse of taxpayer money was put into practice by some of the same irresponsible Republicans who have thrice ignored the Ohio Supreme Court's warning that our public school funding system is unconstitutional.

And, to make matters worse, these charter schools have lower education standards than public schools in Ohio.  

Now, I don't pretend to have all the answers to our education challenges in Ohio.  I'm thankful we have elected school boards to administer the nitty-gritty of educating the next generation in Ohio.  But a few things seem to be pretty common-sense when it comes to education.

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