Texas Repug Legislature continues efforts to KILL public education.

If you were to ask a parent what they most wanted from their public schools , I doubt very seriously anybody would say "fist I want lower property taxes." Yet , governing form their alternate, reality challenged universe that is about all that the Lege did to really fix public education. It finessed adequacy ( as flabby as that is for a standard - imagine Mack Brown telling the Alums at Texas that he now had the resources for an "adequate" football team ), fudged efficiency (which the Teas Supreme Court has ruled means substantially equal state resources for all districts before any local "enhancements", and flat forgot about suitability ( the requirement that the system have the capacity of achieving the other two requirements). But they did give us Tax Cuts ,for now!

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Universal statewide college scholarships in Ohio's future

The Ohio Learn and Earn Committee is introducing an amendment to Ohio Consitution that would create a huge statewide scholarship program that will, upon maturity, provide college scholarships for every Ohio high school student admitted to an Ohio college and university.

Under the Learn & Earn initiative headed for the November 2006 ballot, Ohio school children will be guaranteed college tuition support for any public or private College or University of an estimated $900 million a year. In addition, Ohio local governments would receive an estimated $200 million annually in development dollars to attract new business and local jobs.

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A Blue Kansas

This blog is dedicated to the fact that Kansas can be, and sometimes is, a blue state.

I moved to Kansas to be with my girlfriend after growing up in Minneapolis and living in Eugene, Oregon and Madison, Wisconsin.  At first, it seemed like I was moving to the Deep South.  

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Cincinnati Casino Amendment Rejected

The Cincinnati Casino Amendment, which threatened to jeopardize the Learn and Earn program to provide college scholarships to Ohio high school students, was rejected by Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro today.

State law requires that a proposed initiated constitutional amendment contain at least one thousand signatures of qualified electors.  The Cincinnati Casino Amendment only contained 893 certified signatures. Over half of the signatures submitted were rejected due to the petitioners' failure to properly file the paperwork.

This is a big loss for Cincinnati Casino lobbyist Gerry Austin. Austin will now need to recollect one thousand signatures and file again for certification with the Attorney General. With the July deadline of over 322,899 signatures needed to place an amendment on the ballot approaching, Cincinnati officials may now decide to back the already certified Learn and Earn amendment.

Click here for more information about Ohio Learn and Earn

Disclaimer: I am currently working as the Online Communications Director for the Ohio Learn and Earn Committee.

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Arts & Democracy--the good news

Perfect reading on a Saturday. Okay, maybe the arts don't seem like the most important issue of the day in a time of war . . . but let's not forget that the arts are essential to democracy--as a realm of political dissent, critical thinking, free expression, citizen journalism, even the exploration of science. All of these issues are explored in this cool new series. Check it out . . .

DemocraticVistas Profiles: Essays in the Arts and Democracy

http://artspolicy.colum.edu/DVProfiles.h tml

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