Fox News Attacks Obama Over Easter

MSNBC host Cenk Uygur on how Fox News tried to smear president Obama as being anti-Christian.


Look for the Union Bunny


                                  by WALTER BRASCH


            Bullied, harassed, and lied to, District 1 of the Amalgamated Association of Easter Bunnies, AFB-CIO (American Federation of Bunnies–Cottontails International Organization) went on strike, forcing a halt to this year’s Easter egg hunts in Wisconsin.

            At Bunny Headquarters, Solomon P. Bunny, union executive secretary, and a militant corps of Easter bunnies were preparing picket signs. I walked in, notepad in hand.

            “Excuse me, Mr. Bunny, why aren’t your members delivering eggs this week?”

            Bunny looked up from the papers on his desk, chomped harder on his cigar, looked at me, scowled, and answered harshly, “Don’t you know!?”

            “No, sir,” I replied apologetically. “I always thought you were happy and content delivering Easter eggs.”

            “We love it,” growled Bunny, “but the Wisconsin Legislature doesn’t love us.”

            “I will admit the newly-elected governor and the newly-elected conservatives in the Legislature were a bit authoritarian in what they did to the rights of the workers.”

            “Authoritarian, heck!” said Bunny, “they’re the models of a fascist government in how they took away our rights.”

            “But don’t the people have a right to balance their budget without excessive union demands?” I asked.

            “Listen, Ink Breath, Wisconsin had a $120 million surplus just three months ago. The deficit isn’t because the public employees’ pensions and wages but more than $140 million in tax breaks the Republicans gave businesses, and another $200 million it pays every year to Wall Street investors. Add in all the travel perks and legislator benefits and you have a pile of money to stack your lies upon.”

            “But I read that public sector employees make more than those in the private sector.”

            “You read it where? In newspapers?” When I didn’t answer him quickly, he continued. “Yeah, thought so. The Center for Economic Policy Research—that’s an independent think tank—independent, you get it?—Independent, as in not funded by FOX News or Progressive Democrats of America—said that public sector workers, when compared against the same criteria as private sector workers, actually earn 4 percent less.”

            “Even with these facts, I doubt you’d have much support,” I said, noting that while most taxpayers want programs they don’t want to pay taxes and think union workers are greedy opportunists who deserve to be thrown on their tails, even if made of cotton.

            Bunny went into one of his files, pulled out a sheaf of papers, and slammed it on the desk. “Read it!” he commanded. Not wanting to further upset a furious bunny, I skimmed  the report that revealed about two-thirds of Americans support the rights of collective bargaining, even if they have serious problems with unions and how unions operate.”

  1.             “But those are polls,” I challenged. “Numbers can be manipulated to say anything.”           “How’s this for a number? In Madison one day, 100,000 citizens went to the capitol to explain things to their legislators. Even the cops and firefighters who had endorsed Republicans during the election were there as part of the working class.”

            “And the legislators heard their concerns?”

            “You crazy? Most snuck in and out of their offices, like the weasels they are. America is being mocked by other countries for what it’s doing to the workers.”

            “But we have the highest standards of living,” I countered.

            “Listen, Lead-type-for-brains, collective bargaining is one of humanity’s most fundamental rights. Says so in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, approved by 48 countries in 1948.”

            “But the Wisconsin governor says he never planned to kill all collective bargaining, just the public sector ones. And only because it would help the people.”

            “You’ve got to be the dumbest piece of cow excrement walking around,” said Bunny. First you believe the newspapers, and then you believe some politician!”

            Humbled, I apologized. “I can see your point,” I said, feeling a little sorry for the bunnies, but I quickly recovered, reasserting my spine as a hard-hitting investigative reporter. “I assume you want everything. More wages, vacation days, sick days, larger pensions, no-pay medical benefits, shorter work weeks.”

            “You been sniffing newsprint? Haven’t you learned anything?! Sure, we want better work conditions. But, most of all, we want the right of collective bargaining negotiation. We ask for stuff. They don’t want to give us stuff. We negotiate. Just like unions have done for two centuries.”

            “There’s still the matter of the Easter eggs. Are you so self-centered that you would deny the people of Wisconsin the right to hunt and capture hard-boiled cholesterol?”

            “We don’t want to harm the decent people of Wisconsin, whether or not they’re in a union.”

            “So you will deliver Easter eggs this week!” I said, thrilled that the bunny union was relenting.

            “This is off-the-record, but everyone will get their eggs. It’s just that some people in Wisconsin may be getting 20-year-old eggs. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to preparing for a demonstration.”

            As I left, Solomon P. Bunny was multi-tasking on three different phones and two computer screens. But, he warned if the rotten eggs of the Legislature and their buddies in corporate industry don’t stop pretending how religious and patriotic they are, while consistently violating the principles that Jesus stood for, “this will be the last Easter they will ever celebrate.”


[Walter Brasch is a social activist and award-winning journalist. His next book is Before the First Snow, a look at America’s counter-culture and the nation’s conflicts between oil-based and “clean” nuclear energy. The book is available at]




Happy Easter MyDD'ers

Happy Easter to all bloggers, denizens, lurkers, top posters, bottom posters, trolls, and writers of this generally fun to be around hangout we call myDD.

Have a Great Day!

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Happy Easter, Hillary!

This morning my mind turns Easter, and what it means to me. In this strange political climate, it turns out that resurrection is the goal and speciality of my chosen candidate.

Hillary Clinton has become somewhat of an icon for those that, wounded by the slings and arrows of life, need inspiration to keep battling. The personal and political beat-downs that Hillary Clinton has endured over decades would have destroyed all but the most dedicated public figures, and even her enemies seem to grudgingly acknowledge that fact.

Clinton has taken in the poisonous venom of her enemies and has become stronger.  Whenever she is on the ropes, when it seems there is no way out, Hillary rises from the ashes, stronger and more resolute.

I personally receive a lot of inspiration from this woman of steel. Life can be tough. Sometimes, when things begin spirally down in negative fashion, the tendency is to be taken down in the wash. But Hillary seldom appears to be shaken, and she always fights back. Like a lump of coal, forged in the fire and constantly under pressure, Hillary Clinton has emerged as a diamond.

Sometimes I think about what it would be like to be in her shoes. Her battles have been bloody, and yet I have come to believe she lives to fight another day because she is fighting the good fight. She feels a sense of responsibility to speak for those individuals pushed aside in this "democracy" we live in where only corporations have a voice. She has worked hard to understand the system as it currently exists, and with that knowledge appears to have devised a path to improve the lives of citizens in this dear country.    

How foolish it would be for the American people to dismiss this woman. An ability to overcome adversity is probably the single most important quality the next president will need to possess. It turns out that resurrection is Hillary Clinton's stock in trade.  

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Its Easter! Time for families to gather and discuss

EASTER TIME!  Time for families to come together and discuss!

Insider Advantage poll:

If you heard Obama's major speech on race, are you more or less likely to vote for him?

More likely - 19%
Less likely - 52%
About the same - 27%

The most talked about thing on the street (that I hear) is how disrespectful Obama was to throw his grandmother under the bus.

Brand new from Survey USA

Obama 46%
McCain 47%

Obama 47%
McCain 47%

McCain 50%
Obama 43%



Easter is this weekend and families across the country will gather together and discuss this matter.  I expect to see Obama's poll numbers continue to sink.  I will eagerly await the daily tracking polls to come out startin Tues. or Wed.

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