Feeling Dirty?

We all know that we need clean air and water to live. But what many of us DON’T realize is that there is another resource we depend on just as much to survive: dirt. Yes, that stuff you played in as a kid and obsessively clean off your car. Believe it or not, dirt is an essential element to our existence on Earth, and DIRT! The Movie aims to teach us all about it. This acclaimed documentary goes beyond preaching about the dangers of pollution, educating the viewer on why we need dirt to survive, how it affects our daily life, and what we can do to improve it.

Every person on Earth, regardless of age, race, or social status depends on healthy dirt to survive. However, it is one of the elements of our planet we take most for granted. DIRT! The Movie does a great job of mixing facts, personal anecdotes, and animation to create a film that educates as well as entertains. Experts from all over the world weigh in on just how important dirt is to us, and they do so in a way everyone can understand- no scientific mumbo jumbo. The animation is clever and cute while remaining relevant, and lets be honest, how could you NOT love little Digby? (If you don't get it, watch the movie)

Although the film does a great job describing why dirt is important to human kind, the real takeaway from this film is that everyone can help to restore it to a healthy state. The movie highlights people from all different ages and backgrounds. A young couple owns their own organic farm that provides vegetables to inner-city people. Children attend a sustainable school and learn about composting. Inmates learn the environmental and personal benefits of gardening. A woman in the Bronx creates her own green rooftop. The possibilities are endless and range from small lifestyle changes to huge worldwide movements. But it is clear after watching DIRT! The Movie that people from all walks of life can really make a difference.

It is that balance of teaching as well as motivating the viewer to take action that makes DIRT! The Movie unique and fun. In fact, that sense of involvement has been pushed beyond the movie into local communities with DIRT!’s program that sets up screenings all over the country. On the DIRT! The Movie website, it is simple and free to create your own screening to bring the movie to your own town or find a showing near you. These screenings make the dirty, fun, and relevant DIRT! The Movie available to people everywhere, and hopefully also creates an impact so that people can work toward restoring our dirt to a healthy state, and save the planet in the process.

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do you care about our environment

Nowadays the problems about environment become more and more serious. There are so many pollutions and natural disasters in the world, and they all have the unpredictable effect. More and more factories function, follow that also have some water pollutions, air pollutions. As for the special air can make holes in the ozone layer, destroy the atmosphere as well. Flood, desert, dry, such the disasters like those probably will be happen in next time. Therefore in that time as hard as we can to save the earth is the most important thing to do.A Composition of Protect Our Environment--------- Taking good care of our environment is very important.Wherever you live,You can do something around your neighbourhood.
it's our duty to keep our environment clean and tidy.You might ask yourself,"have I picked some rubbish and thrown it into a dustbin?Have I ever collected waste paper or bottles for recycling?Have I ever planted any trees or flowers in or near my neighbourhood?"
--------If everyone makes a contribution to protectingthe environment,the world will become much more beautiful

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Mr Z goes to Earth with an important message

I am saddened by louisprandtl's diary on Prof. Randy Pausch.  I immediately thought of Prof. David Goodwin ~ another smart man in a similar predicament, and with a similar desire to play his cards well.

Dave, as it turns out, has also been busy.  He has been writing a novel, which I am promoting in this diary... because it is hilarious, creative, and because it promotes a very relevant message.

If any of you have connections in the publishing world, I would urge you to contact Prof Goodwin for his novel.  It is about Mr Z, who has setup Earth as a reality TV show to fund his work, and who is concerned that Earthlings are going to destroy the Earth and thus deprive him of his funding stream!

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Why I Will Support John Edwards through the Convention and Beyond

I've been away from my home for three weeks. I was in New Hampshire helping the Edwards campaign, then I went to Michigan for Christmas, then I was in Iowa for the caucus. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of hard work. Sometimes it was an emotional roller coaster. Many things happened during that time, but through it all, one thing never changed: I will support John Edwards through the convention and beyond, no matter what.

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What Are You Doing To Solve The Climate Crisis?

The petition I have up at Tree Nation is asking people to pledge to become climate messengers in response to Al Gore's movie and book An Inconvenient Truth, and has drawn signatures from around the world of those pledging to do just that. And for every 100 signatures, Tree Nation (which is also sponsored by the UNEP) has planted a tree in Niger in their goal to plant 8 million trees in the shape of a heart.

I want to show some of the responses (names withheld) to give you an understanding of what people globally are thinking and pledging to do because this damn well is important news. And these are just the signatures with comments. There are hundreds more from countries all over the world pledging to become climate messengers in response to Mr. Gore's environmental work, because this work is crucial to the sustainability of our planet. Therefore, I would also like to ask: What are you doing to solve this crisis? What are you doing to help him?

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