EFCA: Sirota gets panties in a bunch

I have no aversion to criticizing or ridiculing Dem leaders in Congress when it's deserved. (No party man, me!)

But, in general, I think that Pelosi, Reid and their helpers have played the mediocre hands they've been dealt with a modicum of skill.

Sirota complains about Harry not have secreted the card check bill EFCA (HR 800) in a must-pass bill, and thus allowed its defeat.

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Albertsons Breaking Laws and Intimidating Workers

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The dirty tricks have begun again.  We really shouldn't be surprised that the grocery stores would resort to breaking the law, in an attempt to weaken the workers negotiating position.  After all, three years ago Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons entered into an illegal pact to share their profits, in order to outlast the worker strike.    That landed them in court facing anti-trust charges.  And just last year, Ralphs plead guilty to fraud charges and lying to the government.  It was part of their scheme to use fake social security numbers to hire strikebreakers during the last contract dispute.  They paid $70 million in fines and were placed on three years' probation.

Albertson's faced a strike vote Sunday and they immediately dug back into their bag of dirty tricks.  They violated the National Labor Relations Act in the following ways:

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How Employers Get Away With Highway Robbery

Imagine a world where a person gets beaten or shot by someone whose punishment is set by how long their victim remains in the hospital.  

A world where an assailant can be charged with a one week sentence - reflecting the hospital time his victim had to endure recovering from the trauma of a viscious beating.  Or one where a robber gets a reprieve from his or her punishment once the victim's insurance carrier makes up for the stolen items.

There is a world like this that exists for employers, a unique reality shaped by the policies and statutes set by the National Labor Relations Board.  The NLRA's penalties against illegal firing of union supporters are so minimal that employers treat them as a minor cost of doing business.  

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