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If you are a Democrat and you want to do something that will help you revive your party and rebuild the self-confidence it had just 18 months ago, you should send your money and support to Sharron Angle for United States Senate in Nevada.

Sure, she has some strange views.  Angle is known more for what she is against than what she is for.  I call her the Elimination Candidate: she would like to eliminate Social Security, the Department of Education, the U.S.’s membership in the United Nations, fluoridization of water, and the Internal Revenue Service code.  But so what?  A wacky freshman U.S. Senator from Nevada is not a great threat to our democracy.  But the person she wants to eliminate from the Senate has proven to be one of the most formidable obstacles to progressive change in this country.

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What is Hillary's End-Game?

With just three primaries left, it is abundantly clear at this point that Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee for president, yet Hillary has shown no signs that she plans to leave the race any time soon. On the assumptions that she is aware that the race is effectively over, and that she does, in fact, have some reason for remaining in the race other than spite and/or denial, the question becomes, what is she looking to gain? In the extended entry, I discuss what the competing theories are, and how realistic they seem to be.

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Obama Mentor Cautions Quick End to War Unrealistic

It seems that Obama's mentor, senior Illinois Senator Richard Durbin, is trying to put out any fires that may be burning to put a quick end to this catastrophe we call a war.

Here is the link to the whole story if you think you can stomach it. tent/article/2007/07/10/AR2007071001086. html?topnews

Durbin, ever the "unbiased" leader was quick to bash Edwards for his relentless push to end the war:

I recall when John voted for this war. So it's understandable that he feels badly about that decision and wants to see something done to undo the harm that has happened," said Durbin. "But it has to be done in a sensible way."

And of course showing that he is a Democratic leader he remarked:

I thought, Dick Lugar's position and mine are not different.

And just to make certain that no one mistook his party leadership position as unbiased:

He noted Obama's advantage in being a consistent war critic, as Durbin himself has been, having opposed the war in Iraq from its start. He drew an implicit contrast with both Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and Edwards, both of whom supported the 2002 use of force resolution.

Well so much for high hopes that the Senate will actually do something significant. No wonder this guy's first name is Dick.

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Senator Durbin on H-1B, Abuse, Outsourcing and Trading People

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Senator Dick Durbin gave a damning May 8th Floor speech on H-1B guest worker Visas.  It's clear this Democrat is trying to do something about an injustice, that affects all of working America and we need to support Dick Durbin and Grassley in this effort.

Realize what they are up against here:  the massive Corporate lobbyists, their own colleagues representing special interests...and look over the flip at what India is threatening via the WTO, GATS mode 4 in their efforts to labor arbitrage our jobs.

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Judgement is an Important Quality to Be President

Counterpunch published an article that raises some serious questions for those who insist that Edwards is perfect and can do no wrong.  Yes, he poses as a populist in his new image makeover but, let's look at his last image.  The hawkish democrat.
This past week questions have been raised concerning the Intelligence Committee and what they were told and kept secret in the run up to the Iraq War.
Much of the ire has focused on Dick Durbin because he was the one who told about it on the Senate floor a few days ago.
Because of this inside information before the vote, Durbin voted no.  Durbin and Levin even tried to get a bill passed to limit the power given to Bush.  This was voted down by more than one democrat.  Edwards was on the Intelligence Committee, knew the same information given to Durbin and yet, not only voted for the war but, against the limitations of power by Durbin and Levin.
Counterpunch raises some important questions regarding this and Edwards posing as the great populist and running for President:

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