Archaic Voter Registration Procedures Leave Citizens Behind

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Access to voter registration-the basis of democratic participation-is still limited in the 21st century by overly restrictive, "horse-and-buggy" laws across the country. Despite advances in technology, states struggle with politically charged or neglected election systems when such systems can (and should) simply focus on building a truly representative electorate in modern day America.

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This is not my America

It's really quite ugly in St. Paul as both Garrison Keillor and Glenn Greenwald comment about it over at to video of girl holding flower being pepper-sprayed and hit by riot baton is at the bottom of this diary.)

Then again, when Donna Brazile gets pepper-sprayed on her way into St. Paul's Xcel Center, to do a CNN gig, I guess that says quite a bit all by itself!

Here's Keillor's overview (dated tomorrow, Sept. 3rd) of what's going on 'down the hill' in his hood:

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Let's Move On

Michigan. Florida.  I'm exhausted from hearing about them. Our primary system stinks, and I think most of us recognize that fact. Florida and Michigan both moved their primary dates in violation of DNC rules.  But they weren't alone, except in their punishment. We need to take a serious look at how we nominate our candidate for the next cycle, although I doubt it will happen.

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Donna Brazile lays down the law!

To my longstanding friends in the feminist community who have called out the media as being culturally sexist and misogynistic, it is time to help educate the American public about the corrosive impact of sexism in politics and elsewhere. But we can have this dialogue without using divisive language and political tactics that further threaten to divide our country and party. If another woman comes up to me in an airport and suggests Obama should wait his turn, I might scream, "Stop it!" This is not about who should be first, it's about who has the most delegates and who might make the best president of the United States.

The most tragic thing I have heard is this need to link the Obama camp to pundits inside the media who have used the "math" historically used to call an election with attempts to push Hillary out of the race. After all, when the senator held a lead in every national poll in 2007, the media described her groundbreaking campaign as being inevitable. No one called that sexist.

Obama will have earned the right to become the declared Democratic nominee once he has reached the 2,026 delegates he needs. If the party decides to amend the just and known penalty it swore to impose on states and those officials that put its voters in jeopardy of not having a voice at the convention by violating the rules, the adjusted number should not alter
the race. Instead, the amendment should allow the presumptive nominee to help bring the party together. ?id=277

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So who will walk the talk?

Since we are approaching May 31, when the DNC rules committee decides on Michigan and Florida, I thought it would be useful to explore the words of Barack Obama and Donna Brazile on the process for selecting the nominee.

From Obama in an interview with CNN:

Obama this week warned Super-delegates to vote the way their states have voted,"if this contest comes down to super-delegates, we are going to be able to say we have more pledged delegates, which means the Democratic voters have spoken. Those super-delegates, those party insiders would have to think long and hard how they would approach the nomination."

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