What-Ifs in the Lieberman Election

I am going to do something unusual here and ask someone else to do some research. But first I want to set up a scenario that I think is being ignored by the blogosphere.

A lot of people are suspicious that Joe Lieberman, if he wins re-election, will caucus with the GOP. I don't think that is very likely unless a very specific set of circumstances takes place. If Joe Lieberman is denied seniority by the Democratic caucus he will seriously consider caucusing with the Republican Party. But, knowing that, the Democrats will not deny Lieberman seniority unless they can afford to lose his vote and still maintain a majority. That means, the Dems would only consider stripping Lieberman of his seniority if they have a majority of 52. To get a majority of 52, the Dems would need to pick up seven seats. In order of likelihood, these are the seats we could pick up: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Montana, Rhode Island, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia, Arizona.

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NY-29:"They Were Warned and Did Nothing"

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They were warned about Foley and did nothing
Republicans in the Executive branch and Congress have a set pattern of Dumb Mistakes and/or Dastardly Deeds achieved and then covered up through Denial, Deception and Distraction.  The Foley Follies seem to have temporarily shaken the nation so much that Speaker Hastert's efforts to deny he was properly warned about Foley, deceive us with lies about what he knew and did, and distract us with belated investigations and finger-pointing at Dems (backed up by the White House and at least part of the Congressional Republican leadership) are meeting with increasing skepticism.  

Speaker Hastert obviously failed to do his job of protecting the pages because he put politics above principles.  Republican partisan Tony Blankley said so days ago (link) and new testimony confirms as much. (link) And other Republican leaders in Congress were also warned and yet did nothing meaningful.  As a father of two children, one of whom is just old enough to be a congressional page, I find this completely and utterly unacceptable.

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The Rumsfeld Dilemma: Demand an Exit Strategy, Not a Facelift

In the last 10 days Senator Barbara Boxer and Representative John Murtha have introduced resolutions in the Senate and House calling upon President Bush to replace Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Though many on the left have greeted these resolutions with hosannas, they nonetheless fail to advance a progressive position and they send a counterproductive message. They fail to pin the blame where it belongs--on the President and his policies. Instead, we propose a resolution demanding a detailed exit strategy for the occupation of Iraq.

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Doctrinairism, Arrogance, Myopia, Incompetence, Corruption = The Iraq Fiasco

From "Mindless in Iraq," by Peter W. Galbraith in The New York Review of Books, a set of reviews of Iraq-related current affairs titles.

As we now know, Donald Rumsfeld's Pentagon had no plan to secure any part of Baghdad. It allowed looters to destroy Iraq's governmental infrastructure and to steal thousands of tons of high explosives, weapons, and radioactive materials. And it had no coherent plan for Iraq's postwar governance.

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CT-Sen: More bullshit on Iraq from Joe Lieberman

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Seriously, guys...I'm not full of crap

This morning, Senator Joe Lieberman (C4L-CT) appeared on CBS' Sunday morning talk show, Face The Nation. In it, he continued his amazing ability to serially bullshit his way through an interview without any hint of irony showing. His newest position on Iraq? Let's fire Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Sen. Joe Lieberman on Sunday called for the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and backed an international conference to find a way out of the crisis in Iraq.


"I think it's still time for new leadership at the Pentagon," he said on CBS's Face the Nation.

Lieberman, an early supporter of the Iraq war, said he called for Rumsfeld to step down in 2003.

"With all respect to Don Rumsfeld, who has done a grueling job for six years, we would benefit from new leadership to work with our military in Iraq," he told Bob Schieffer.

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