The War on Terror Is A Bumper Sticker

It was May 23, 2007, in a speech before the Council on Foreign Relations, that John Edwards first called the War on Terror a "bumper sticker."

Many Democrats cheered him for finally acknowledging that the Bush Administration's "War on Terror" is not a mission designed to keep us safer, but a slogan designed to quell dissent and to justify not only the disastrous war in Iraq but any number of abuses of our civil liberties as Americans.  Don't question our Commander-in-Chief, we've heard over and over, we're at war.

Republicans, ironically enough, confirmed the importance of the "War on Terror" as a political slogan by rallying to its defense, deploying the predictable smear that Edwards must be soft on terrorism because he doesn't agree with Republican framing on the subject.  And some Democrats - either because they supported a different candidate or because they were fearful of appearing weak on national security as a party - hastened to enable the Republican talking points and disavow Edwards' statements.

But now we have confirmation that Edwards was, in fact, exactly right - confirmation straight from the chief architect of the Iraq War himself, Donald Rumsfeld:

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Condi and Hillary - Separated at birth?

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Four Years Ago I arrived in Iraq. I left Three Years Later, Different

Today, March 19, 2007, marks the 4th anniversary of the U.S. Invasion of Iraq.

Two months from now four years ago I was driving across the Southern border of Iraq on my way to assume the position as the CPA Airport Director of Basrah International Airport. It was an electric time. From my perspective, America and several other countries had just liberated a people form a tyrannical dictator who had spent the past three decades repressing and killing them.

In Basrah, Iraq the people welcomed the presence of the Coalition soldiers and came into the streets waving and cheering the newly arrived liberation army. That willingness to embrace their liberators did not last long. Here's why.

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The hidden scandal within the prosecutor purge

Written and researched by Joseph Hughes of Hughes for America and Melissa McEwan of Shakespeare's Sister

Between the thousand-page document dumps, somewhat rejuvenated press corps and always up-to-the-second reporting from the progressive blogosphere, the prosecutor purge scandal is exploding at a seemingly exponential rate. Every hour, the story grows in new and different directions, and now clearly threatens the job security of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and others in the Department of Justice. Further, it now appears as though the scandal's tentacles reach into the uppermost echelons of the Bush White House, including, as recent administration controversies almost always do, Karl Rove. While the endgame of this saga is far from decided, what is already apparent is that a vital facet of the story - the administration's seeming unwillingness to comply with both the law and a fundamental cornerstone of our American system - is in danger of being lost in the shuffle of the overarching stampede. And, if we can no longer expect our government's top officials - including the top official, the president - to obey the law and adhere to the bedrock standard of open government, then the questions about whether or not we still live in a democracy are no longer so far-fetched.

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Top US General: Iran is NOT arming Iraq

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If you followed all the screaming by the Bush Administration over the weekend and yesterday, you'd be convinced by now that Iran was arming Iraqi insurgents. Actual Iranian weapons were discovered in Iraq in the possession of Shiite insurgents (red-handed!).

Three senior US military officials and White House Press Secretary Tony Snow accused Iran of supplying weapons to the insurgents. Snow and company produced photographic evidence (much like the photographs of "mobile WMD trailers" Powell showed to the UN) and he stood in front the American people, speaking for the President of the United States, and unequivocally accused the highest levels of government in Iran of supplying weapons to Iraq.

The Bush administration is confident the report about the weapons flow from Iran into Iraq is accurate, spokesman Tony Snow said Monday.

Asked directly if the White House is confident that the weaponry is coming on the approval of the Iranian government, Snow said: "Yes."

There's just one problem. He's wrong. That's according to the top US military officer, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Peter Pace.

Damn. Looks like someone didn't get him the memo.

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