Pwned! The Bland Old Party

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I'm going to rant a bit:

The political party that barfed up the hairball that is Sarah Palin, helmed by Michael Keepin' it Real Steele--or depending on the time of day--Rush Limbaugh (the talk radio equivalent of government cheese) has bought the proverbial farm. Dead. Teets up, like Colonel Sanders and Ayn Rand.

The latent racism...err...immigration reform, culture wars, senseless real wars, homophobia, greedy deregulation, trickle-down (i.e. pissing on middle class heads) economics, spreading democracy one smart bomb at a time, and other sundry GOP asshattery has brought about their inevitable (and overdue) demise. Of course, having a semi-sentient uber-douche like George W. Bush as the party's figurehead for eight long years didn't help much either.  Think The Godfather meets Deliverance. Nope, that movie doesn't end well.

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The Lipstick Awards

I was reading Could Tucker Bounds be a bigger douche? by sharistuff and I had to laugh.  The "epic fail" of the GOP smear machine has become one of the great joys of my life.  The free fall panic of rats jumping off a ship that they sunk themselves, is truly delightful.

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James Dobson has Jumped the Shark

Well, James Dobson has finally jumped the shark tank.  I'm envisioning him on Fonzie's motorcycle wearing the cool leather jacket as he is spreading the message of fear across the land.  
I found this letter from a link on Andrew Sullivan's website tonight.  The letter is full of the most crazy, delusional, and crazy (yep, it's that bad) ranting that I may have ever heard detailing how the USA will look and operate after only four years of an Obama administration.  Some of the best (craziest) predictions are:
Freedom of Speech will be revoked.  Any publishing house that prints an anti-homosexual message will have been shut down.
Gasoline will cost $7 per gallon because Obama has outlawed all new oil drilling.
"Since 2009 terrorist bombs have exploded in two large and two small U.S. cities, killing  hundreds, and the entire country is now fearful, for no place seems safe."
Due to the liberal Supreme Court's overturning all of the FCC's restrictions on obscene speech and visual content , pornography is openly displayed at all times of the day and night on TV.
And my favorite..."Because medical resources now must be rationed carefully by the government, people over 80 have essentially no access to hospitals or surgical procedures."

Here's the link to the PDF: oad/focusfamaction/pdfs/10-22-08_2012let ter.pdf
Now for a little self disclosure...the author of this letter is known as "A Christian from 2012," but I still lay this squarely at the feet of Dobson.
Also, I am a Christian, and I teach Sunday school for the high school youth at my church.  However, the message from Focus on the Family does not square with any of my beliefs.

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Obama vs. Focus on the Family Part 1

Yesterday Focus on the Family began a video series responding to a speech that Sen. Obama gave two years ago.  Focus on the Family's Kim Trobee says that during the speech Sen. Obama took aim at Dr. Dobson.  The phrase "took aim" implies a negative attack.  I haven't seen Sen. Obama's whole speech, but if there was a part where he "took aim" at Dr. Dobson, you would think Focus would want to show that part to support their argument.  Here is the video on their website: /A000007680.cfm You decide for yourself if the senator is "taking aim" at Dr. Dobson:

So what evidence does Tom Minnery cite in his dissection?  That Obama claims America is an atheist, buddhist, and hindu nation.  To refute this, he cites a statistic from a Pew survey conducted last year:  seventy-six percent of Americans claim to be Christians.  I was never good at math, but I think that leaves about twenty-four percent of Americans who are not Christians.  If these Christians are not Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and non-believers as Sen. Obama suggests, then what are they Mr. Minnery?  Zoroastrian?  Confucian?  Taoist?

Mr. Minnery's second point is that Sen. Obama compared Dr. Dobson to Rev. Sharpton.  He makes this point right after playing a clip showing Sen. Obama doing no such thing.  What Sen. Obama did, was in fact, a contrast between the two.  Mr. Minnery could've easily used this to his advantage by just answering Sen. Obama's question by saying "Well the correct answer to the senator's question is Dr. Dobson's Christianity because of X, Y, and Z." He could've made Dr. Dobson's case to his viewers and asked Sen. Obama to respond.  Instead, he accused the senator of comparing Dr. Dobson's version and Rev. Sharpton's version, when Sen. Obama made it clear that they were two contrasting views.  

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I F-ing Knew it!!!!

I remember when I first saw Ted Haggard.  I was at home with my parents and we were watching the Sunday morning news, a tradition in my household.  They were debating something to do with evolution, or abortion or gay marriage or one of those nonsensical things that the Christian Taliban gets all hot and bothered about.  

In one of those windows (you know the ones where they have the different window panels with a talking-head in each one) was Ted Haggard.  I looked at him and my Gaydar immediately went off.  I said, "That guy is gay." To my amazement (not surprise) he was one of the Christian Taliban's talking heads.... even though I thought he was Fire Island FLAMING

Well check this out:

A Denver male hustler claims to have had a pay-for-play relationship for several years with evangelist Ted Haggard - one of the leaders of the move to ban same-sex marriage in Colorado.

What can I say other than  I CALLED IT!!

The story gets juicier...

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