Burris Remains Defiant With Durbin

Illinois' two US Senators, Dick Durbin and Roland Burris, had what sounds like an awfully awkward meeting today. The short version sounds a little something like this:

DURBIN: Resign.


Lynn Sweet has a more complete play by play:

Durbin said he told Burris he would not support his candidacy in 2010. Durbin said he asked Burris if he was going to run in 2010 and Burris said he has not decided. [...]

In recapping their discussion, Durbin said, "I told him it would be extremely difficult for him to be successful in a primary or a general election under the circumstances.

Burris was under some pressure, Durbin said; Burris' legal fees were "hundreds and thousand of dollars."

"I told him that under the circumstances I would consider resigning if I were in his shoes. He said he would not resign and that was his conclusion," Durbin said.

Sweet reported earlier today that a source had told her that Burris has in fact decided not to run in 2010. That may have been premature. This guy doesn't look like he's dropping out of anything.

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McCain ALWAYS for the troops? Not in my experience

I was an active duty Navyofficerfor 7 1/2 years from May, 1989 until November, 1996. From August, 1994 until I resigned my commission I was assigned to Navy Recruiting District Chicago. During this time I investigated misconduct by enlisted recruiters and interviewed applicants for Navy ROTC scholarships.

On July 3, 1996, I made a long complaint to the DOD Inspector General. The complaint included numerous allegations of misconduct. The most serious allegations are listed below the fold.

I became concerned (and later convinced) the checks and balances within the military (primarily the "inspector general" system) were ineffective when the chain of command was culpable in allowing the original misconduct. I documented my allegations through the Freedom of Information Act and contacted members of Congress. I contacted my own representatives, but also members of Congress who were in leadership positions on relevant committees. At that time Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was chair of the United States Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Personnel.

While McCain was not did not completely ignore the issues I raised--he did sent me a letter acknowledging I contacted him--he did nothing useful and showed no interest in the problems in Navy Recruiting Command or more generally in military recruitment.

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Reverend Wright is bringing out the weasels

I cracked up tonight watching CNN (the only cable news network to cover the speech live).  Rick Sanchez brought Durbin and some Clinton super delegate with the last name Schultz.  I really wanted to know how the campaigns were going to react to the speech.  Turns out that both representatives came across as evasive weasels - sorry.

Durbin was asked first to comment and he moves right into the canned statement the campaign has been giving about Wright for a month now.  Sanchez interrupted to ask him about tonight's speech, and it turns out that... Durbin didn't hear it, other than a few "edited" items.

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IL-14: The Losing Strategy

What happens in Podunk shouldn't stay there.  Or at least if it does, the Democratic Party Establishment, the corporate wing of the Democratic Party, the Blue Dogs among us, will have won one more unrecorded battle against those of us who want real change.

What's happening most immediately in the IL-14 corner of Podunk (a term I use here to describe anything not directly inside the DC Beltway) is a primary and a special primary on Tuesday, between the DC insider "pick" for our district, an attorney who is a relative newcomer to both politics and our area, and John Laesch, the nominee against Denny Hastert last time out, and the only progressive in the race.

At this point, I'd call it a significant bellwether for the upcoming Congressional elections that virtually no one outside of IL-14 is paying much attention to in the glare of the presidential race, as well as a bellwether event in the battle for control of the party.  So while I don't expect this diary to get much attention, I want to leave a record of what has happened in this primary.  Bellwethers, however unobserved at the time, sometimes have a way of becoming useful history for those who follow.  

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Dick Durbin's Phony Moralizing

Of course Senator Dick Durbin, a fine man and politician, is doing the work of the Obama campaign when he says:
I'm really troubled by his questioning the sincerity of Barack Obama's opposition to the war in Iraq . . .
Durbin, a staunch Obama supporter had no qualms apparently when Obama was accusing Clinton and DURBIN (and McCaskill, Nelson et al) of fomenting war with Iran when they voted for the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment:
Barack Obama is the ONLY major candidate for president to oppose both the Iraq War from the very start and the Senate amendment that raises the risk of war with Iran," the front of the Obama mailer stated. The back is printed with the line, "While other Democrats voted for the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment, Barack Obama opposed another Bush foreign policy fiasco."
What did Durbin say about that? Nothing of course. This is all politics. More . . . Oh by the way, Obama did not oppose Kyl-Lieberman, he was not even there to debate on it or vote on it. But he felt comfortable accusing Durbin and Clinton and others Dems of fomenting war with Iran. For the record, I believe voting for Kyl-Lieberman was a mistake. I also believe NOT voting against it or being there to debate it, as Obama did, was also a mistake.


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