Hillary Clinton: Brilliance in a small package

Disclosure: I am  a Clinton supporter and have been given the opportunity to write a weekly diary to talk about certain issues from a candidate supporter's perspective.   I want to use today's diary to introduce myself and to briefly touch on one of the main reasons I am supporting Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination to represent our party in the general election in 2008.

Today Hillary Clinton unveiled her first TV ad, and it happens to touch on some of the issues that are most important to me when I looked at the candidate I was going to support for the nomination.   Here it is:

The ad puts into active pictures what I expect Clinton to strive for as our president:  Tirelessly work for all of us, so that as a nation we thrive and move forward, leaving nobody behind.  

Let me introduce myself.  I am 45 years of age, a web designer, computer programmer and network specialist.  If I had to choose a 'class' categorization, I would say that my family unit belongs to the middle class, neither "lower," nor "upper," just middle.  Politically I consider myself rather progressive, with at times almost socialistic tendencies.   Mind you, the Euro-liberalism that is known as a form of socialism, but has brought with it efficient single-payer health care, a strong social net, very little poverty and a considerably high standard of living for a broad spectrum of citizens.  

My entire universe is shown here:

My personal world consists of my wonderful wife and my two daughters, 10 and 2 years of age.

As you can see, I am surrounded by women, and I have become very conscious of how gender politics affect our lives.  Women still earn 25% less than men, for no good reason.  The conservative Supreme Court is in the midst of a campaign to defray our rights, including abortion rights, which could well at some point in their lives affect one of my daughters.   For all the importance women have in our society, the power in sheer numbers, women are largely underrepresented in our country when it comes to the decision-making process at the highest level.  

We now have the opportunity to put up for the Democratic nomination one of the brilliant minds of our time, who also happens to be a woman, a win-win situation in my opinion.   I have come to view women as better decision makers and stronger advocates for what it is they believe in than men.  I see it in my personal life on a daily basis, and there are also many historical precedents.   It is my firm belief that as a nation we would benefit greatly from a woman president to give us a representative from the gender that has been shortchanged for over 200 years in this country.

I would like to discuss social issues with this diary, as that is my focus this week and ties into what I want my daughters to look at when they see Hillary:  A competent steward of our futures, a caring president who thinks of each person as an important part of our society, a life to be cherished, saved, and celebrated.  

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Reclaiming the Democratic Party

There are many reasons why different people are supporting different candidates for President. As candidates have come out with their various plans for different problems, many of their suppporters have written great diaries that detail the plans of their various candidates. I for one, have detailed many plans that John Edwards has put foward. I believe he offers the best hope for all America.

It is not only plans however, that make me support Edwards so much. Some of your support for a particular candidate has to come with a feeling in your heart, that this person truly stands for what you believe in. I not only support Edwards because I believe he has the best solutions to the myriad of problems that confront our country, I believe he really sees things on the level with the average American.

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A Few Positive Words About Hillary

Ultimately, I suspect that it is too early to comment on Clinton, Obama, or Edwards as presidential candidates.  None of the top Democratic contenders has blown it yet, but they also haven't shown that they can pull out a tight primary with the adrenalin flowing, the negative ads flying, and GOTV operations in full swing.  

So, maybe Chris is hyperventilating over nothing in considering.

But, it's not too early to say a few positive words about Hillary Clinton.

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Edwards Avatar 2.x SOLD the 'War onTerror' frame and the war

Regarding the "Global War on Terror"(GWOT frame) show-of-hands question in the first debate for the Democratic nomination, Matt Stoller wrote: Global War on Terror: Clinton Fails, Edwards Shines and an Edwards promoter goes on to explain to us why that frame is so bad (didn't we know this since it was coined first?)

While the current version of Edwards ("Edwards 3.x") is apparently exciting to many in the blogosphere, it turns out that the former avatar of Edwards ("Edwards 2.x") was, as with the war, at the forefront of championing the GOP/neocon frame, "GWOT", as seen in the extensive evidence presented below the fold.

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