Stuck in the Middle with Obama

Chris Bowers over at Open Left has a post wondering if President Obama might be vulnerable to a primary challenge in 2012. He further asks if is there any chance that challenge might come from the left of the Democratic Party?

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10 Signs That 2009 Is Not 1994

I have noticed that Democrats, especially the leadership and its apologists, are stuck in the 1990s. Paraphrasing what one commentator said of White House Chief of Staff Rahm, he's "an old general fighting old battles." I think that will be the party's epitaph if it does not heed the wake up call. We are no longer fighting the rise of Reaganism. We are at Reaganism's, or neoliberalism's, end.

I should point out that in writing this I am not claiming that the GOP has better ideas or will easily capitalize on progressive ideas coming into popularity. What I can say is that Democrats will remain static if they do not heed the call. Now, this outcome, a party that is perpetually not quite strong enough to pass progressive policies, may be a feature rather than a bug, but let's pretend for this diary that they really do want to pass progressive policy. Let's also assume that the real issue is that they are living in 1994 rather than 2009.

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Understanding Gay Rights Anger: On Low Hanging Fruit

There is this perception amongst those who wish to act favor the Democratic Party leader that the gay rights debate is solely about wealthy white gay men who are impatient or want to assimilate. This stereotypes ignores the reality.

First, let me start by pointing out what this is really about. This is about a checklist of things that the Democrats said they were going to do once in office, and many of which, have not been done. Many of them are fairly easy to do, but are, nevertheless, not being done.

This issue is not simply, therefore, about marriage equality or Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Although, to me, all is the same on the front of these issues because they are all at base about animus toward gay people.

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Rove's Misread of Tuesday's Elections

Bumped from the diaries -- Jonathan

In yesterday's Wall Street Journal Karl Rove presented a thoughtful opinion piece on how to read the results of elections to be held Tuesday in Virginia, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.  Regardless of Rove's projected outcomes in these elections, he makes the mistake of seeing the results, as most of Washington will see them, through the lens of partisanship, and he measures the outcome, only as Washington has come to measure all outcomes, in terms of partisan advantage .  

According to Rove, "Voters have lived under Democratic rule for nine months, and many of them, especially independents, don't like what they are seeing.  Tuesday's election will provide the most tangible evidence of how strong a backlash is building - and just how frightened centrist Democrats should be of 2010.  For Republicans, it looks as if hope and change are on the way."

I have a different view of what Tuesday's results may tell us and not because I am a Democrat.

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Concession is NOT a Strategy

I hail from the red area of Western Kentucky as many know. This can have many frustrations in itself as we deal with not only Conservatives in our party who consistently vote Republican while registered Democrats, but we also are forced to deal with many in the national party ridiculing our unfunded efforts and writing us off as Democrats. I am sure many Democrats in other parts of the country feel the same way, ignored and powerless.

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