Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot

by linfar, Thu Dec 31, 2009 at 04:05:13 PM EST

On the eve of a new year with so many behind me now, I can only wonder how many may still be in the wings?

And as I review the year's events--although some may overlap a bit with  the calendar-- in my heart this is the year that my mother died, that the Democrat in the White House provoked prolonged Screaming inside my head, if not on paper, and I gave away my cat.

I also began to seek a new life partnership motivated by a gratitude about being alive that seemed to open doors heretofore invisible.

This is also the year I  began to rethink my membership in the Democratic Party. This was not a deliberate act. It was more a slowly evolving dissatisfaction like a sore that one absent mindedly scratches until you look down and see blood oozing.

Hold The President Accountable

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is to begin running this 30 second spot to hold the President accountable for abandoning the public option. The petition has been signed by over 600 Obama campaign staffers, 40,000 Obama volunteers, and 60,000 Obama donors. You can also contribute to help keep this ad on the air.

The ad is entitled Obama Promised. According to the Huffington Post the PCCC is airing the ad in Wisconsin -- in addition to Washington D.C. -- in hopes of persuading Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisc.) to drop his support for a bill without an additional element of government-run insurance. The goal is not necessarily to kill the Senate's legislation, but to use political leverage to make changes once it goes to conference committee with the House.

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Co-Pays, Deductibles, Out of Pocket Expenses, and Me

As a self employed person who had private insurance and dropped it a few years back, let me simply share this with you. As I kept getting older and my premiums kept increasing, I couldn't afford what it cost me to keep my health care insurance. Before I took the final step of dropping that insurance, I progressively watered down my own coverage; opting for ever higher deductibles, dropping prescription drug benefits etc. all in an effort to contain the rising costs that I just couldn't afford.

It reached the point where I realized that the odds favored me being better off using all of that money that I was giving my insurance company each month to pay for my out of pocket medical expenses as they came up, instead of not being able to pay for them at all after spending huge sums on my insurance. In short I could no longer afford to pay for ANY medical care because of the amount of money it was costing me to retain medical insurance. There was nothing left in my pockets to pay for out of pocket expenses. My health insurance had drained me of my ability to seek and obtain medical care.

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Just pushing for private health care insurance reforms would have been preferable to this

That is what makes this current compromise surrender to special interests so doubly tragic. Like any exercise in legislative sausage making, near infinite deals and trade offs went into crafting the piece of Health Care Reform legislation that lies in front of us today. From day one Liberals went along with many of them only as a way to preserve a viable public option within the overall Health Care Reform package, since you have to give up something to get something blah blah. For one thing, sundry formulas that directly impact private industry's bottom line were negotiated and agreed upon early in the process on terms Liberals might not have ordinarily agreed upon, with the understanding that there would be a real public alternative preserved as a result of those concessions, one that would offer real competition to private industry, forcing it to think long and hard about continuing to price gouge their policy holders.

What resulted was a classic shell game. All of the liberal concessions went right to the bank and got cashed, while liberals held onto their legislative I.O.U. Now the shuffling has stopped and the shells have been lifted and there is no Public Option under any of them, let alone a robust one. There is no medicare buy in either. Instead we find restrictive language on abortions.

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Our Tent May Be Too Large

Crossposted from Hillbilly Report.

One thing that Democrats have always proclaimed about our party is that we have a "big tent". Within this big tent we have always excepted many different people from different walks of life. However, recent developments should show us all that sometimes a "big tent" is not the greatest thing in the world, especially in the world of politics. Perhaps we should consider the fact that quite possibly our "big tent" has outgrown itself.

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