The Nuclear Option

As a member of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil, I have had the opportunity to listen to the energy investment banker and oil industry specialist Matt Simmons over the years at various conferences. Forecasting energy reserves is not an easy task, Matt Simmons is one of the best. He's been ahead of the curve and more often right than wrong. When he speaks, I tend to listen. That said, it's mind boggling to hear that he is advocating a nuclear option to seal the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. He is right about one thing, in my view, the time has come for the Federal government to take charge and relieve British Petroleum of its duties.

More on the nuclear option, which Secretary Chu is not considering, from the New York Times.

And for more in-depth discussion of the Deepwater Oil Spill and on energy issues generally, I recommend The Oil Drum. It's a peak oil site and often rather technical but it's an amazing resource for any citizen who cares about the impact of the hydrocarbon-based economy. Our entire civilization has been built on hydrocarbons but it should be clear that such dependence is now a risky and unsustainable bet.


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