What Rights Do We Have?

The Constitution is a living document. It is also our most precious historical document. All that America is and all that it will be is grounded in this document. But regardless of how precious it is there comes times when it must be amended to reflect the progress made in a more modern world.

We should interpret the Constitution as it fits our world today, but we must not take it to extremes. I would suggest that for abortion, gay marriage and gay rights, that there should be amendments. But as to privacy, we should let the Supreme Court hash it out and then we can rely on precedents. I believe that this mixing of the two would make this the living document that our founding fathers wanted it to be.

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W revises the Declaration of Independence

For the 230th anniversary of the signing of the declaration, Bush has decided it needs an update.  Here are his notes for the work in progress.

We hold these truths [talking points]
to be self evident [in need of propagandization]:

that all [Super-Rich Straight White Evangelical American Republican] men
are created equal ['cept for queers & muslims & women & stuff like 'at],
that they are endowed by the Creator [the Preznit and vice Preznit and Rummy]
with certain inalienable [revokable at will] rights [exclude privacy],
among them life ['cept for Rag-heads and residents of jails and New Orleans],  
liberty ['cept for blacks and detainees and others if I say so],
and the pursuit of happiness ['cept for fags].

What's your take?

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