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I annotated this diary in italics. Matt

We work with Hands off the Internet, a coalition dedicated to preventing government regulation of the Internet.  Yes, Hands Off is affiliated with more than one telecom giant, but also with non-profit organizations like Citizens Against Government Waste and the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

This is no secret, but Matt treats it as if it were. If you looked at the profiles for the handles we used, which you can't do now as they have been unfortunately disabled (this is not true), you would have seen that we disclosed this information, and we often have in the comments as well.  But go ahead and look at the profile for KnowtheNet, which we're using to post this diary. (If you want to show us good faith, use your actual name as a handle)

This community is very interested in the issue of "net neutrality" and, it seems to us, might be interested in an actual debate about the proposed legislation.

The Lamont information that we have posted is not a "lie" - it is a quote, from a MyDD interview.  Lamont believes a tiered cable model makes sense if the market is there.  His words, not ours.

(The lie is that Lamont does not support net neutrality. He does. He's on record about it. And I asked him about it personally.)

Putting our names on the posts is an odd request.  We identify ourselves very clearly as working for the Hands Off coalition.  We think that is an appropriate level of disclosure.  Many, many contributors to this site are completely anonymous. (I wouldn't demand it if you didn't continue to lie about the issues at hand.)

We respect this community and intend to add another voice to the discussion. (No, you don't respect this community. Respect is something you don't seem to understand.) We hope you will respect our right to participate.  Barring us from sharing our opinion with your readers would not be very... neutral.    

Now, because we do like to discuss substance, did you hear that Google and Sony Erickson just inked a deal making Google the only search provider on their new phone?  This is a savvy business deal.  Should the government intervene and stop it?

At the conference where this was discussed, an eBay lawyer said he'd "like to hear" Google explain. A Google attorney replied that "We're not sure the wireless world is quite the same. This may be where we part company with you guys."

It's worth pointing out Google's interest in neutral networks extends only so far as it applies to others. They'll cut deals to elbow out competitors while accusing the telecom industry of doing the same. It's the pot calling the kettle a pot.

Anyway, we'd like to hear what you think.

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The Apologist's Toolbox: Straw-Man, Fallacy and Ignorance

I have been writing about and discussing the current crisis in the Israel, Lebanon and Gaza since it erupted on June 24th. My position has remained the same throughout, as a quick glance through the archives will verify. The responses I have received and the arguments I have seen used to justify Israel's actions have remained pretty much the same too. They are usually a mixture of straw-man, fallacy and ignorance.

Let's take a look at the apologist's toolbox, and how to defeat it.

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The Foundation Argument

Good Morning All:

I will prefact this by acknowledging my inexperience in this kind of forum. Yesterday was my first day on here after watching the YearlyKOS on cable.

Please: I was hoping for some cogent talking points/arguments when one is debating a conservative.

Specifically, when the conservative uses the oft-used argument, paraphrashing, "If the foundation [meaning laws, society, etc] is not rooted on Christian fundamentals, then the entire house will crumble."

And then there is the other argument that I have been hearing lately is that the U.S. Constitution has core beliefs that are taken from the Bible. I make reference to The Federalist Papers, Locke writings, but no dice.

So any feedback, input, would be appreciated. Thank you all.

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My Thoughts on the Tester/Burns Debate

I just got finished watching the Tester-Burns Debate on YouTube (that link starts on a few minutes of George Felix Allen, but fast forward a little) and wanted to share my thoughts.

Quite simply, picking out the real Montanan from this debate is easy. Burns has got a thick Missouri accent, the speech mannerisms of a three-time U.S. Senator, and Tester (when he gets riled up) just creams him.

There are some ways Tester can improve, though, as well as capitalize more on Burns' weaknesses.

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20 sec. - 3 clicks - 4 MT-Sen Debate Poll Freep

The latest from Big Sky country:

The Helena IR has a poll up, asking which candidate won the debate. It looks like the GOP has already started flooding the results, because there is no way that anyone thinks Burns won. No way.

The poll is in the left column at

Take 20 seconds to make your voice heard.

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