Bill Kristol as Trail Balloon

Reading Bill Kristol's colunmn in today's New York Times, I had the following thoughts...

1.  I think his column today is a trial balloon. It looks like a plant from the McCain camp.

2.  It underscores the rock and a hard place position that McCain has put himself in.

3.  If McCain follows Kristol's advice, does a little mea culpa, and then moves on in a positive tone it creates huge problems for him:

   A.  Anything even the slightest bit negative will ring of hypocricy, and the MSM will take great pleasure in calling McCain on it.

   B.  It undermines McCain's unique value proposition, "seasoned judgement." If he has such good judgment, why did he choose to run his brand, and his campaign into the ground with negative attacks, which he concedes was the wrong thing to do?

4.  If McCain continues as is, then only some kind of earth shattering external event can bring him within reach.  This could be another attempt by Bin Laden to influence the election, or it could be some truly disturbing dirt on Obama, but it has to be of that magnitude.

5.  My prediction...  McCain will do a little of both.  He will not attack Obama on Wednesday, and he will try to take a more positive tone, but he will not issue any mea culpa, and it will be framed by EVERYONE except his immediate campaign staff as a last failed opportunity to change the trajectory of the election.

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If McCain asks, what should BO say of Ayers?

Kevin Drum seems to worry that John McCain will take the bait and challenge Obama about Bill Ayers.

I guess the Obama folks figure there are three things that could happen. First, McCain does nothing and ends up looking like a coward. Second, their taunts get under McCain's skin so badly that he goes over the edge and does something really stupid. Third, McCain takes the bait and decides to bring up Ayers at the next debate.

The first two possibilities are obviously good for Obama. And the third? I guess they must be really sure they have a dynamite response ready in case McCain decides to unload next Wednesday.

I don't see the Ayers question as particularly difficult to answer.

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UPDATE: The truth behind the "$3 million dollar projector"

Watching John McCain stagger and stumble through last night's debate was hard to do.  I found it curious that he seemed stuck on stupid with an "earmarks" rant about Senator Obama having approved money for a "$3 million dollar projector".

When I hear the word "projector" it brings to mind the AV projectors that aides wheel into my classroom weekly.  I had no idea what McCain was talking about, and promptly forgot about it as the debate moved on towards the conclusion.

This morning, while reading through the roundups of articles on the debate, and other commentary on the campaign, I headed over to the NYT to read their editorial Politics of Attack and afterwards,
I decided to read and recommend comments, and post one of my own.

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McCain to Black America: You Don't Matter

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Good News for John McCain

After watching tonight's debate, I have all kinds of good news for my friend John McCain (no, not that one - the other one): First, the Treasury Secretary just got the authority you want to give him to renegotiate mortgages - it was included in a bill signed last week you may have heard about - though that was after you un-suspended your campaign.

Second, if you're all about your collaboration with Ted Kennedy and Joe Lieberman, the bills we used to call McCain-Kennedy and McCain-Lieberman are still out there waiting to be passed, and I'm sure it wouldn't hurt those bills if you went back to supporting them again (though judging by the bailout bill, who knows).

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