Shameless (Minimum Wage)

The House of Representatives was busy yesterday engaging in vicious class warfare against working families.

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Estate tax repeal: Dem senators' logs are rolled - literally!

It's late - but this is just too classic to miss.

According to the PostWednesday, a deal is in prospect for an almost-but-not-quite repeal of the estate tax.

That failed cloture vote (follow the HR 8 tag) persuaded GOP House zealots to cash in their chips.

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Estate tax: not over yet, surely?

So cloture on the MTP was lost 57-41.

Nevertheless, it's way too early to assume that HR 8 has gone away.

Some parsing needed. This is mine:

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Estate tax scramble goes wild

It's a regular souk beneath the Capitol Dome on the Senate side.

Naturally, right about now, the GOP are desperate for a clean win.

But the Dem senators whose votes they need for cloture are equally desperate to retain their self-respect and dignity as legislators.


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Estate tax: compromise is on the way

The Note today says

The Free Enterprise Fund is quite pleased with this statement on Sen. Mark Pryor's (D-AR) Web site: "I support the permanent repeal of an estate tax that harms small businesses and family farms."

One down...

It also has this:

In a piece that also looks at gay marriage, the Wall Street Journal's Sarah Lueck and Brody Mullins report that Sens. Kyl, Baucus, and Schumer "hope to reach a deal" on an estate tax compromise "in the next couple of days," according to aides.


Isn't he supposed to be on our side?

Veh ist mir...

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