Obama Campaign: Please Stay Home, No Need to Create Chaos

According to the Associated Press , supporters of Senator Clinton are mobilizing to rally outside of the Washington hotel where members of the DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee plan to meet to hash out how to punish Michigan and Florida for moving up their primary dates against DNC rules.  In addition to demonstrators from all parts of the country, several busloads of Clinton supporters are expected from Florida and Michigan.  However, although Senator Clinton's campaign is aware of the protest, they did not organize it.  Howard Wolfson said,
"I am aware that there are lots of people very passionate about this topic who are coming."

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The Challenge He Can't Refuse

I just received this from the Clinton campaign, Earlier today I'd watched a snippet of Barack's historic upcoming Fox interview where he says there have been 21 debates and he'd rather meet with voters, thank you very much.  But, maybe he'll change his mind. He and Lincoln are both tall men from Illinois, maybe the comparison will make this an offer he can't refuse.  

Here's the memo:

UPDATE: (sorry I didn't add this earlier) No more two minute limit, now the offer is the two of them agree on the rules. he can chose his weapon, short sword or long handled rake. (metaphors, means brief answers or long answers).

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The race card is played and it's OK

I'm amazed. There's no accountability when it comes to the Obama campaign. They, get away with playing the race card with no questions asked. Now, I'm not a fan of John McCain but the following comment is totally out of line in my opinion.

In an interview with National Journal's Linda Douglass, meanwhile, Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, said that race won't be a problem for Obama in November.

Why? Because "the vast, vast majority of voters who would not vote for Barack Obama in November based on race are probably firmly in John McCain's camp already," according to Plouffe.

FYI Obama supporters; Informing the media that "racists are firmly in McCain's camp" is playing the race card. Where's your outrage Obama supporters?

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Only the Finest Minds

One had only to look at Senator Obama's eyes as they darted from one teleprompter to the next during his concession speech on March 4th to realize just how angry he was. You could sense that he was not pleased that someone had actually taken the inevitability out of his campaign and how irritated he was that reporters were finally asking him some tough questions, the kind of questions they normally would have been asking ANY other candidate months ago. Yes, The One, was pissed.

You see, Senator Obama doesn't think that it is fair to question his word on anything. So when, after a series of denials, word leaked out that a memo showed he was lying about his advisor meeting with the Canadian government and discussing NAFTA well he was noticeably pissed. Today's New York Times says that: Obama Comes Out Punching.

http://www.nytimes.com/2008/03/06/us/pol itics/06obama.html?hp

Flying from Texas back home to Chicago on Wednesday morning, Mr. Obama delivered the message that he intended to counterpunch forcefully. Mr. Obama took aim on Wednesday at Mrs. Clinton's claim that she is a seasoned hand in foreign policy. "What exactly is this foreign experience that she's claiming?" he said. "I know she talks about visiting 80 countries. It is not clear. Was she negotiating treaties or agreements or was she handling crises during this period of time? "My sense is the answer's no."

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Obama's Measure of February 5th Success

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First Read has Obama campaign manager David Plouffe's latest strategy memo, which lays out a remarkably specific benchmark for what success would mean for Obama tomorrow night:

We fully expect Senator Clinton to earn more delegates on February 5th and also to win more states. If we were to be within 100 delegates on that day and win a number of states, we will have met our threshold for success and will be best positioned to win the nomination in the coming months.

A performance that exceeds those benchmarks, while unlikely, would put is in a surprisingly strong position heading into the rest of the February contests.

In other words, team Obama expects to perform well ahead of that number.

The memo overall is an attempt to prevent the media from casting away Obama's underdog status, reminding us of just how far back in the polls he was not so long ago. It's a fair enough point. Certainly, if the two candidates are perceived merely to be tied going into tomorrow (as polls show they pretty much are) then a virtual tie in number of states won and delegates awarded won't deliver Obama the sort of momentum that the Obama camp is hoping to get out of tomorrow night's result. But at some point the Obama campaign is going to have to acknowledge the reality that he's caught her and essentially diminished any advantage she may have had; to claim that advantage still exists is beginning to sound fairly disingenuous.

As Marc Ambinder puts it:

But at some point, Obama has to accept the fact that he has already vanquished the leading lord, that he has surmounted the insurmountable, and that just because he hasn't won this thing doesn't mean that Hillary Clinton is still the inevitable frontrunner with unspecified political and geographic advantages.

Obama has outrasied Clinton... has won more delegates than her... is, as I said, tied or leading in major polls... has name ID almost as high as she does... has favorable ratings that exceed hers.... and still claims to be the underdog. That's one stretch of a definition.

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