You can't even see 'em coming at you!

Successful national campaigns for the presidency combine extremely effective media--no matter how loathsome and low road it might be--with outstanding ground efforts.  And, since the GOP is the only party I know of that's won a national election in this country in the past 11-1/2 years, I am referring to the GOP'ers penchant for putting the two major pieces of this winning strategy together more effectively than us Dems during this era, as well.

With the Rethugs, winning is the only thing. With the Dems over the last few years...not so much...'cept maybe for the Clintons.

This year, Karl Rove is screwing around with the voting public's psyche in innovative ways we won't even begin to understand until after the Election's over. Hopefully, this diary helps shed a little light on their latest Orwellian mindf**k.

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Provocative comments; take those gloves off!

I've been doing this Democratic political "media" thing--along with the advertising and p.r. and corp. communications "thing"--for a long time.  

30 years.

So, in this diary, I rant a quotes...just me..."just sayin'...."

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7/21/08: Wherein Rove and McCain violate campaign laws.

Todd Beeton, whose work I've come to respect immensely here on MyDD, has another great piece running at the top of this blog (as I post this diary) entitled: "McCain: Obama To Blame For High Gas Prices."

Regrettably, for all intents and purposes, this particular McCain ad "flight" represents a slap in the face to every law-abiding individual that's ever run for office in this country (regardless of party affiliation).

You see, as even a ten-year-old would would interpret the current campaign finance laws in the U.S., what the McCain camp is now doing, as far as their advertising is concerned,  is illegal.

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David Plouffe Speaks To The Grassroots

This is a very cool video (h/t Ambinder), definitely take a few minutes to watch it. In it, Barack Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, speaks strategy to Obama supporters. I like how he keeps talking about "the movement that you guys helped build" and keeps referring to us watching as partners in the campaign. His rhetoric really reflects the "this isn't about me, it's about you" ethic of Obama's campaign.

Plouffe breaks down the Obama victory strategy pretty simply:

1. hold onto Kerry states
2. go on offense in -- and flip -- Bush states

He says they'll be "campaigning very hard out west" both in battlegrounds where Obama has a particular appeal such as Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada, but also in "unusual states" like Montana, North Dakota and Alaska, as we've already seen.

Plouffe also shares some PowerPoint slides with some positive polling info but also a warning sign on the fundraising front: the DNC vs. the RNC as a warning not to get complacent.

Check it out:

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The Real Man Behind Obama: David Plouffe

Receiving daily emails from David Plouffe, Campaign Manager for Barack Obama, I often wondered who the hell he was.  I couldn't even pronounce his name and I never heard a peep about him in the media. It was always David Axelrod or Bill Burton, but never David Plouffe.

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