Renegade Justice: An Interview With Former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias

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David Iglesias is the prototype twenty first century Republican: charismatic, Hispanic, an evangelical Christian and a captain in the Navy Reserve who served for many years in the Navy's Judge Advocate General Corps ("JAG"). In  1998, Iglesias campaigned to become Attorney General of New Mexico against the heavily favored Patricia Madrid. He nearly pulled off an upset and the Republican Party took notice. In 2000, Iglesias paid his party dues and worked for George W. Bush's election.

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New in depth interview with fired attorney David Iglesias

David Iglesias was interviewed by Jeff Huber for My Left Wing.

There is some very illuminating comments by David;

DI:  It is.  Right, you're appointed by the president, you're confirmed by the Senate, you serve typically anywhere from 4-7 years.  Some people leave earlier, some people get fired, although that's relatively unusual.

And what makes this scandal so different is that large number forced to resign on the same day with no real justification, with no legal basis for that.


I knew you could be fired for getting involved in political matters as a U.S. attorney, but I never thought I would be fired for not getting involved in Partisan political activities.

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ACORN vindicated of voter fraud charges

How great would it be if ACORN got as much positive publicity now that it has been vindicated of voter fraud as it did before the elections when Karl Rove was ginning up false charges?

This week's Newsweek story "Rove: A Moving Target," as well as other recent news reports, have quoted Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' former chief of staff, D. Kyle Sampson's testimony that "during the run-up to the midterm elections," A.G. told him Rove "complained" that David Iglesias, the U.S. attorney in New Mexico, and two other federal prosecutors, were not doing enough to prosecute voter fraud--a top GOP priority.

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