Help me write some campaign literature

Fellow political hacks,

I'm putting together some material for a lit drop and canvass in my home precinct. My mom is the democratic precinct chair and she's planning on going out and talking to people this weekend. This is a very republican district and we're basically starting from scratch in talking to people and building up our party. We're working especially hard for our local congressional candidate, David Gill. Anyway, I'm writing up a script/literature sheet for volunteers to use and hand to people in describing why they should get out and vote against Tim Johnson. This piece is directed towards Dems but especially independents since they make up the largest share of registered voters in the precinct. So I need your suggestions on how to improve what I've written so far.

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Dr. David Gill for Congress

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Hello, my name is Dr. David Gill and I am running to unseat incumbent Rep. Tim Johnson (IL-15).  I promise to be a strong voice of opposition to President Bush and his short-sighted policies that Tim Johnson has rushed to support.  Below is a summary of my Prescription for America:

<u>Health Care</u&gt

My plan would cost businesses no more than 7% payroll tax this figure could be even lower if we eliminate Bush's tax-cuts for those earning a quarter-million per year or more.

I am not promoting the socialization of medicine, being a practicing physician for 20 years I know what a disaster that would be: the Federal Government should not dictate how medicine is practiced.  I do believe in a single-payer insurance plan that would save you, the citizen, by cutting HMO and insurance profits and overhead expenses.

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