Doing My Part - Celebrate Utah's "Blue Bog Democrat" Rep. Matheson

So, the Utah Democratic Party sent out a little invite earlier today that was, how do I say it - kinda boring:


So - I decided to help them out by designing something a little more accurate and exciting:


Accountability Now

I'm excited to let you know that 21st Century Democrats is teaming up with MoveOn, Democracy for America, DailyKos,, SEIU, and BlogPAC to support the new Accountability Now PAC.

Accountability Now is a grassroots effort to hold elected officials accountable for whose interests they're really promoting in DC. Working together, we're going to challenge the Washington power structures that have made it too easy for Congress to hand out cash to corporate America while we, the people they were elected to represent, are losing our jobs, our health care, and our basic constitutional rights.

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Hillary's Response to Chimpy's Nazi Smear


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Everybody's favorite DINO

Jim Cooper, Obama's healthcare spokesperson's hit piece on Clinton was on the rec list on DailyKos. More info about Jim Cooper, Member of the "Blue Dog" Coalition of conservative Democrats.
  1. Banning partial-birth aborting - YES
  2. Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage - YES
  3. Patriot Act Permanent - YES
  4. Constituonally deine marriage as one man, one woman - YES
  5. Prohib product misuse lawsuits on gun manufacturers - YES
  6. Prohibiting suing gunmakers and sellers for gun misuse - YES
  7. Build a fence along the Mexican Border - YES
  8. FISA Amnesty - YES
  9. Ban Gun Registration and trigger lock law in DC - YES
  10. Continue intelligence gathering without civing oversight - YES

Cooper is in the pocket of Insurance & Drug Companies. More about this at the end of the diary.

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"Obliterate Iran"? -- HRC loses my hypothetical vote

Up until this morning, I -- an Obama supporter -- had grumbled about Clinton's kitchen sink, mudslinging strategy, but had steadfastly vowed that if it worked and she somehow got the nomination, I would still support her in November.

No longer.

If Clinton "wins", her reckless and genocidal nuclear deterrence policy will drive my out of the Democratic Party.

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