Does America need a regime change? Interview with Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter has given an interview to Der Spiegel (Germany's equivalent of Time Magazine or Newsweek). The original transcript has just been published on its website.

What's interesting about this interview is not only what the President has to say but rather what he kind of questions are asked. Some of these questions could have been phrased by Daily Kos contributors but I would doubt you'd read any of those in Newsweek or Time.

President Carter speaks about moral principles, the situation in the Middle East, Guantanamo, Christian fundamentalism, Iraq, Cuba, Lieberman's loss and the November elections.

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Immigration policy may cost Republicans Florida

What started out a few days after the New Year as a routine coast guard intervention off the coast of Florida may turn out to be the Republican's Achilles heel in the heavily contested Sunshine State. The exile Cuban community, who have long been solid GOP supporters, are starting to look at other alternatives in light of the administration's recent tough stance on immigration. The deportation of 15 Cuban refugees plucked off the Flagler Bridge in the Florida Keys in January is just the latest in a long series of events that have exiles concerned that the current immigration policies of the Administration coupled with the increasing rhetoric to "closed the borders" coming from certain elements within the party have left them no choice but to rethink their positions.

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