Obama helps Democrats gain ground among Cubans

I am an Obama supporter, my number one reason for supporting him is his leadership on changing the political system. Without that change we can not make real progressive change in other areas. But to make that change we need a stronger party with a strong 50 State Strategy and we need someone who will bring new voters into the party who will elect pro-reform candidates who will make the change in the system we need. Barack Obama is doing that, he has reached out to the faith community and since then the entire Democratic Party has followed he lead. He is running third in Iowa, among Republicans. Edwards could bring some new rural voters in and Clinton could bring in some women. But I think overall Obama has the best shot of expanding our party and getting more and better Democrats.

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How Chris Dodd Earned My Respect

I just read something this morning that almost, ALMOST, made me decide to change my steadfast support from John Edwards to Chris Dodd.  I was browsing Political Wire and came across this jewell:

Democrat Christopher Dodd pledged Saturday that as president he would end a decades-old trade embargo with Cuba and lift travel restrictions to the communist island.

The Connecticut senator also said he would open an embassy in Havana and shut down the 17-year-old TV Marti, a U.S. government-run station that broadcasts to Cuba.

http://politicalwire.com/news.html?artic leId=8844194&buyerId=PoliticalWireco m&channelId=793

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Obama and Clinton both right on Cuba

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How can they both be right?  Check it out below.

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Michael Moore's SiCKO

I saw that Michael Moore is doing a live chat on Daily Kos today at 11AM EST. You've probably heard about the controversy surrounding his trip to Cuba with 9/11 rescue workers to film parts of his new film Sicko. I applaud Moore's efforts to give the health care industry and policy makers the kick in the pants they need to get their act together.  It is mind boggling that we spend significantly more on health care than any other country but we get back a lot less.

The Commonwealth Fund just released a report on this very topic:

Americans get the poorest health care and yet pay the most compared to five other rich countries, according to a report released on Tuesday. Germany, Britain, Australia and Canada all provide better care for less money, the Commonwealth Fund report found...

The current system leaves about 45 million people with no insurance at all, according to U.S. government estimates from 2005, and many studies have shown most of these people do not receive preventive services that not only keep them healthier, but reduce long-term costs.

Not to mention we have nine million kids in this country who don't have health coverage. There is something to be said when the richest country in the world does not take care of its kids.
I look forward to seeing Moore's film when it comes out in the states on June 29th.

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Choosing the Next President: The Cuban Missile Crisis Test

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How should we chose out next President? I think that one incredibly important aspect of our decision should be based on their ability to deal with the increasingly tumultuous conflicts in the world.

The Middle East is only going to get worse before it gets better, and we need a leader who can intelligently lead the world, and can lead the world in solving international problems as previous Presidents have done (to varying but higher degrees of success).

Perhaps most importantly, there is a high likelihood that there will be multiple international incidents that may change the nature of the entire planet.

How do we decide which Presidential candidate is up to the task, or better yet, who is our best representative to the global community?

For me we should apply the Cuban Missile Crisis Test to the each of the candidates.

The real question is of the current Presidential candidates, who would you have wanted to be in the White House during the Cuban Missile.

As that crisis demonstrated, sometimes being strong meant being smart, and having that diplomatic touch to avoid a global disaster. George Bush has basically demonstrated how to do things in exactly the opposite way that Kennedy did. In fact, had been in office during the Cuban Missile, we would all be dead, or living below the ground in bunkers to take shelter from an ongoing nuclear winter.

So who of the current Presidential candidates could have dealt well with the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Let's just eliminate the Republican candidates. They're from the party that got us where we are in Iraq, and their war mongering approach to international relations is just about the last thing that we need.

So who of Hillary Clinton, Obama, Edwards, and Richardson could have dealt best with this conflict?

That... is the million dollar question.

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