Elian Gonzalez

The Politico had this story on how Obama was on the wrong side of the Elian Gonzalez saga.  They detailed how this singular issue could impact the outcome of Florida in November. Here is the link to the story:  http://www.politico.com/news/stories/060

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It is time to grant Cuba "full diplomatic relations"

For nearly fifty years the United States have shut out an island that is ninety miles from American soil. Of all the Presidential candidates this election, Barack Obama has come the closest to saying he would extend an olive branch to Cuba by having face-to-face talks with Cuban leader Raul Castro. But he falls short of ending this destructive embargo against the Cuban people. Fidel Castro wrote an editorial critical of Obama but also reaching out to Obama as a great hope for Cuba. It is clear that Castro understands American politics and knows that his best hope is Obama.

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Hypocrisy Alert: Bush Says Free Political Prisoners in Cuba, Not Guantanamo

In a speech that demonstrated both President Bush's clinging to a retrograde ideology of McCarthy-era scapegoating, and his blatant lack of self-awareness, Bush yesterday gave a speech admonishing Cuban leadership for violations of human rights and international law. Wait a second, don't we know someone else who is guilty of these?

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There is no Regime Change with Dynasties

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Castro Resigns

Just saw this on CNN. Fidel Castro resigns as president of Cuba.
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