We Must Oppose the Healthcare Bill Compromise

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The compromise in the House is not real Healthcare reform. Although our country desperately needs Healthcare reform just supporting any bill offered is not progress. After Corporate Democrats and Republicans have gotten a hold of the bills in the House and Senate they are so watered down that they will not be anything that will do much good.

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"Obama's letter on behalf of the KillerSpin company preceded state funding"

Obama donor received a state grant: His letter on behalf of a table tennis company preceded the funding.

http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/ nation/la-na-killerspin27apr27,1,7266833 .story?page=1&track=rss

According to the LA Times:

"Business relationships between lawmakers and people with government interests are not illegal or uncommon in Illinois or other states with a part-time Legislature, where lawmakers supplement their state salaries with income from the private sector."

"But Obama portrays himself as a lawmaker dedicated to transparency and sensitive to even the appearance of a conflict of interest."

Do people have a problem with a candidate who speaks so eloquently against corruption

actually receiving private money
to influence state legislation to supplant his part-time earnings as a legislator?

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Take Action- Help Protect America's Independent Media

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Tomorrow congress is holding a hearing on the Time-Warner written legislation that redistributed postal taxes away from magazines with large circulations to independent magazines with smaller circulations. This has the effect of stifling the free market and silencing magazines that are not owned by large corporations, since the large tax hike will put many independent magazines out of business. These independent magazines have traditionally not only been important watchdogs on government actions, but also on large corporations, such as Time-Warner. Its no wonder why wanted this legislation passed. Just to emphasize how ridiculous this rule is, it's the equivalent of having people pay a smaller % of their wages to the government the more money they make.

Please sign this petition.  http://action.freepress.net/campaign/pos talnation

Call your congressman and Senators. Enough political pressure can get a new bill passed. Just don't expect to hear Wolf Blitzer talking about it on "The situation Room."

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Frist has a plan for Medicare...

Not that I think he'll be the 08 GOP candidate. But his idea sounds too tempting for his winning rival to go all Not Invented Here.

According to Brownstein,

Frist wants to allow private insurers to compete more directly with the government in providing healthcare to seniors.

Brownstein offers fibrillating readers the assurance that

Washington isn't likely to provide private insurance companies a larger role in Medicare until they prove they can smooth out their administration of the new prescription drug benefit.


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Despite the polls, Bush corporate welfare is on track

The NYT happily provides a catalogue of the Bush Corporate Welfare Plan - past, present and future.

The culture stuff may make the most waves, and give his base the most ya-yas. But corporate welfare is the Bush regime's engine-room; and, with his bench of Congressional Dem enablers usually ready to bridge the gap when he's a few votes short, there's no sign of it seizing up.

So far, Bad Poll Bush is crying all the way to the bank.

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