Reconstructionists & The Constitution

     I called a youth-pastor at random one day out of concern. I was honest about my intentions and asked him if he was aware of what a Reconstructionist was. He was, to my surprise. Too bad nobody else seems to know, or it may be understood precisely why they're trying to change the Constitution. Here is a quick overview.
Dominionism: (in all civil & bureaucratic affairs. Ex: "Faith-Based Initiatives"). (Genesis 1:26-27) + "Moral Majority" + "Generation Joshua" + "Intelligent Design" + Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration + Constitutional Restoration Act +  organized communication between powerful religious leaders & powerful politicians +  recent attempts to amend the Constitution + powerful religious and political officials (not to mention electing a president) = Reconstructionists, whose rhetoric is being taken from Hanns Oberlindober (1937), among others. Wonder where they find their tactics? See: /article3281.htm,

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