Democratic House: tussle hots up for leadership spots

If the Dems win control of the House on November 7, prepare for all-in leadership musical chairs starting November 8.

Sign of the future: the much trumpeted deal by which the DNC will devote part of its 06 campaign spend to 40 House races.

Rahmbo and Howie haven't been speaking - and, according the Hill, amongst others,

There is dispute over whether it took House Democratic Caucus Chairman James Clyburn's (S.C.) intervention to broker the deal...

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Racial Politics This Week -- A Roundup

This week in minority politics, brought to you by Jack and Jill Politics typed to you to the sounds of The Joint, the reggae channel on XM Radio. Let's dive right into some playa-hating, shall we?

Losers This Week:

Al Wynn, whose greasy shell game involving possibly illegal corporate donations to his Maryland Congressional campaign was exposed on MyDD.  Fortunately, there's another candidate for this seat who also happens to be African-American: Donna Edwards. If you live in her district in Maryland, get out and make sure a progressive candidate who will care more for constituents than corporations wins this time. Wynn doesn't deserve to win.

John Bolton, who has brought a not very unique blend of racism, aggression and blunt ideological stupidity to his tenure as U.N. Ambassador got the bum rush from Sen. Lincoln Chafee. During Senate hearings, Chafee probed Bolton's thoughts that "shaping the Middle East" is "one" of the significant challenges of our time. Shouldn't the people living in the Middle East shape their own destiny? I thought Manifest Destiny went out of fashion in the 19th century? Looks like Bolton may be looking for a new job come Jan.

Condi Riceblows any remaining credibility with Black women between the ages of 25-55 or really any thinking American with her head-scratching statements in popular Essence magazine comparing critics of the Iraq war to those who tacitly supported slavery during the Civil War. Repugnant, reactionary, desperate and disgraceful.

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Jefferson case: a tie-in with other CBC-ers?

The Center for Public Integrity has a piece dated September 6 which suggests a possible extension of the Jefferson affair to other members of the CBC.

It seems that the same company, iGate Inc, whose CEO Vernon Jackson pleaded guilty to bribing Jefferson, part-sponsored a trip to Brazil for seven CBC members, in conjunction with the Brazil-U.S. Business Council, described as

a trade group of Brazil's largest American investors

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The CBC Exists to Support Incumbents in Primaries

Noting this got someone to brand me a racist on Daily Kos, so I will just quote this without commentary:

Rep. Albert Wynn (D-Md.), chairman of the CBC's political action committee, said the group would continue to support McKinney.

"The first principle of the CBC PAC is to support our incumbent members. ... If she's an endangered incumbent, we'll do everything we can to protect her," Wynn said.

What do you think?

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Jefferson: all bubbling up nicely - for the GOP

The House Democratic Caucus voted yesterday that 'Dollar Bill' Jefferson be removed from Ways and Means. The score was 99-58.

Though some CBC-ers apparently have had it with Jefferson, I suspect most of the House CBC-ers were in the 58. One might note that

Rep. Melvin Watt (D-N.C.), head of the black caucus, warned that Pelosi's push for Jefferson's removal might cause black voters to conclude that "a different standard ... based on race" was being applied.

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