CNN infiltrates the Congressional Black Caucus

CNN really scored over the BushCo lapdogs at FOX by putting Blitzer in front of the CBC.  They are, of course, the only organization in the country still allowed to ban members based on race, but that didn't deter CNN.

They got Wolfie in the house!

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Why is the CBC in Bed with Rupert Murdoch?

When I read that the Congressional Black Caucus was considering partnering with FoxNews for another presidential debate, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was one thing to do it in 2004. Perhaps the motive was increased recognition of the CBC among a new audience.

Isn't time to question both the CBC and FoxNews' motives here? Let's first look at FoxNews. These are the same people who have at least twice publicly attacked a CBC member, Barack Obama and got pushed back by other media sources. First there was the consistent, disingenuous linking of Sen. Obama's name with Osama, as in Bin Laden. Newscasters and commentators would repeatedly make a pseudo-Freudian slip..."Sen. Osama...pardon me, I meant to say Obama!" The confusion extended even to photos and captions on TV. This continues today, btw, on Fox and other channels. Then there was the fabricated story that Obama had attended a madrassa in as a child living in Indonesia in order to spread the mis-information that he is a Muslim and not Christian. When confronted, FoxNews blamed the Clinton campaign for spreading the story, thus managing to damage two Democratic contenders with a single blow.

This is just par for the course for the regularly racist, rightwing Fox News. Maybe it's news to some, but the whole point of FoxNews is to deliver a conservative slant on the news. FoxNews is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a well-known conservative moneybags man originally from Australia.

Does Murdoch really have black voters' best interests at heart in sponsoring a presidential debate? Or does he want to appear to be modern and open while creating a forum in which his team can control the outcome. What influence does he want to have over the presidential campaign - one in which Republicans are entering even weaker than they did in 2004 if you go by the TechPresident blog mention rankings?

Murdoch is the same guy who publishes the neoconservative Weekly Standard magazine. According to RightWeb, "Conveniently, every Monday one of Vice President Cheney 's aides stops by the office to pick up 30 copies of the magazine..."

Not only does this hand legitimacy to those who fight regularly against the priorities of our communities, it erodes alliances in the progressive movement and even undercuts the existing African-American owned media outlets like TV1.

Cathy Hughes
and her investors including Quincy Jones founded TV1 to provide an alternative to the disgusting, unrepresentative BET. How better to show our new power than supporting a black-owned channel that is trying to provide positive programming that is more representative of our culture. Did you know TV1 is going to re-broadcast Roots during Easter week? Why not have the presidential debate on TV1?

Furthermore, Hughes has proved herself as someone who is on our side. A good old progressive organization the National Council of Negro Women honored her in 2006 with their Uncommon Height Award which is named after stalwart civil rights soldier/saint Dr. Dorothy Height.

I hope no one is taking some kind of under the table kickback from FoxNews at the CBC. I really do. I think our CBC brothers and sisters are better than that though. I want to think that the new CBC wants to show America how strong we really are and represent. Let's hope they make a different choice.

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Jefferson goes to Homeland Security!

You thought Nancy was going to drain the swamp?

Seems that she's been feeding yet another gobbet of red meat to one fat old gator:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who stripped embattled Rep. William Jefferson of his seat on a powerful tax committee last year, has decided to put him on the Homeland Security panel, infuriating some Republicans who charge he may be a security risk.

Words fail me.

This little masterstroke was announced last Friday - just before the recess. (The news somehow had escaped me. Bummer.)

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Guess who got a CBC ovation?

In a week when the House ethics rules were tightened up with much fanfare and ballyhoo, some Dem reps, it seems, had other priorities.

According to the Times-Picayunereporting on Thurday's jamboree, before the House chamber action got under way,

members of the Congressional Black Caucus gave Rep. William Jefferson, D-New Orleans, a standing ovation for his commanding re-election last month...

Given the sterling support of some senior CBC colleagues in his election campaigns for LA-2, that's not surprising.

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Racial Politics This Week -- A Roundup

Ain't I a Woman?

-- Sojourner Truth

Welcome to Sista Scola in what is becoming Woman Weekend at MyDD. I am Woman, hear me blog. Feel the Femininity. Of course, I too am Jerome Armstrong in reality. It's sort of like Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor. I find inspiration for the character of "Jill" in my big butt and bad attitude.

Please Note: This will be my last MyDD post until 2007. In the meantime, I lift a frosty glass of soy egg nog (or as I like to call it -- "snog") to you and wish you the happiest of possible holidays.

Lead Story --

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) rounds up Hispanic workers using racial profiling in TX leaving at least 400 child citizens without parents. Just in time for Feliz Navidad. Latina Lista, MigraMatters, Pachacutec @ FireDogLake, and Atrios have the story. I'll let the Unapologetic Mexican guest-blogging at PatriotBoy have the last bitter, satirical word: I Pack the Meat That Todo El Mundo Eats

Congressional Black Caucus Members This Week --

* The Washington Post writes a love letter this week to the most powerful black legislator ever: Prometheus 6 and others comment on Charlie Rangel's (co-founder of the Congressional Black Caucus) "awesome" profile.  

* Dollar Bill Jefferson does not re-join Rangel on the Ways and Means committee despite inexplicable appeals from the CBC. (Jack and Jill Politics)

* According to the Washington Times, Nancy Pelosi met with incoming CBC chair Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D-MI) who urged Pelosi to address the astonishing lack of diversity in Hill staffers. Among thousands of staffers, the Times reports that only about 50 minority staffers of any race can be found in Capitol Hill offices.

According to a running joke one House staffer shared with The Times, "the only people who hire blacks and Hispanics around here are blacks, Hispanics and Republicans."

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