CBC Chairman Derides Fox Critics as "Liberal Activists"

In response to an article in The Hill detailing rifts in the CBC over support of the debate, Rep. Bernie Thompson (D-Miss) is insisting that no such disagreement exists. The issue with the CBC/Fox debate is not party politics, the issue is that Fox News has consistently sought to portray African-Americans with contempt. Color of Change relays quite accurately in a response sent to The Hill that "liberal activists" aren't the only ones who are concerned. How telling is it that even within his letter, Mr. Thompson has employed the language of Fox News in caricaturing his critics as partisan extremists?

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The CBC will NOT let go of Faux News- the latest

The CBC is up to it's old tricks, folks. They don't want to admit that they were wrong in getting into bed with the Faux News Network. Twenty-six members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) have signed letters to Sen. Barack Obama

Yes, they have sent letters to Obama, Clinton and Edwards.

Afro-Netizen has a copy of the letter.

I think that those of us who think that Obama, Clinton and Edwards did the right thing, need to drop our own emails and phone calls to them.

Hillary Clinton
(202) 224-4451

Clinton Contact Form

John Edwards
Phone: (919) 636-3131
Fax: (919) 967-3644

Edwards Contact Form

Barack Obama
(202) 224-2854

Obama Contact Form

Please let them know that you appreciate them NOT going to the Faux News Debate, and that you appreciate them going to the Tavis Smiley/PBS Debate in June. Remember, the Tavis Smiley event is a DNC SANCTIONED event; the CBC one is not.

The CBC wanted to crawl into bed with Faux News. Let them choke on it.

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CBCer Hastings: 'blood all over the floor'

I suspect Daddy D'Alesandro would have had a few choice words to say about similar commentary from one of his lieutenants!

Just when you thought impeached and convicted judge Alcee Hastings might have assumed the mantle of statesman, he unburdens himself to CQ in a piece last Friday.

Hastings, you'll recall, had supposedly been pretty much promised the chairmanship of the HIC, in place of Pelosi hate figure (and ranking member) Jane Harman - until sense prevailed.

(Or until Silvestre Reyes was chosen, which may not turn out to be the same thing.)

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Fox News Debate - Today's the day to call campaigns

You may have emailed the campaigns through the ColorOfChange.org website; you may have even personalized the email instead of sending along the pre-typed letter.  But if are going to succeed in building pressure (or creating a sh*tstorm, if you will), we need to make the call too:

Campaign Numbers:
(919) 636-3131  Edwards
(866) 675-2008  Obama
(202) 263-0180  Clinton

(505) 982-2291 Richardson

More below

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Action Needed On Fox and Congressional Black Caucus

A decision may be coming very soon from the Congressional Black Caucus on a deal with Fox News and two debates. From subscription only National Journal:
Just days after Democrats canceled a Nevada debate co-sponsored by the cable news network, Fox is negotiating with the Congressional Black Caucus Political Education and Leadership Institute to broadcast up to two face-offs by presidential candidates. Officials for News Corp., Fox News' parent company, and for the Institute said discussions over co-hosting a Republican and a Democratic debate were still under way Monday.
We have to take action to try and prevent this. Here are key members of the Congressional Black Caucus to contact:

Rep. Bennie Thompson
Chair, Congressional Black Caucus Institute
(202) 225-5876
Email: http://benniethompson.house.gov/HoR/MS02 /Contact+Bennie/

Rep. Carolyn Kilpatrick
Chair, Congressional Black Caucus
(202) 225-2261
Email: http://www.house.gov/writerep/

Rep. Mel Watt
Influential member, Congressional Black Caucus
(202) 225-1510
Email: http://www.house.gov/writerep/

Make sure to be polite, but firm. If you use email, make sure you send them a link to the Fox Attacks: Black America video. It demonstrates quite clearly who they are negotiating with right now.

It would truly be awful for the CBC to legitimize such an overtly racist propaganda outlet.


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