(NC-11) Heath Shuler: An Introduction

Recorded by a very dramatic blogger, this 3 1/2 minute video will give you a picture of Heath Shuler's character and the confidence he's inspired in his supporters.  If you want to know more about Shuler, this is a good place to start.

Click here to see the video.

Thanks to the whole MyDD community for your interest and support of our North Carolina candidates.  Keep it coming.

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NV03 A Report from the field, Porter on the Offensive

Just came back from a week long trip in Las Vegas.  All business, I don't gamble, drink very little and really try to be a good boy so I watch local news on TV.

I was pretty taken back at the incumbent congressman Porter running real negative adds against Democrat Hafen. The adds hit hard on Hafen having a Virginia home and insinuates a carpetbagger charge against her.  In my experience incumbents who run negative TV spots in mid-September like this do so only when they are really nervous about their re-election prospects. During our Wednesday afternoon off from our company seminar I joined three of my colleagues in a rental car to see Red Rock Canyon and drive out to the Cal. state line into the Mohave Desert. The Canyon is beautiful but the side roads we took to avoid some interstate traffic are loaded with campaign signs varying from 2'by 4' to 4' by 4'to 4' by 8'in size.  The Democratic candidates up and down the line for Gov., Senator, House, Sec. of State were all well represented if not actually dominating the landscape.  I think we are going to see real competitive Statewide and House races in a state where when I spoke with some locals during the week all seemed very ready for some serious political change.

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NC-11: Scared Taylor Begins Smear Campaign

Charles Taylor has started the air war, firing rhetorical rockets in an aggressive first strike.  Behind in four different polls and dogged by scandal, Charles Taylor has turned to some old chestnuts in his low-brow attacks on Democratic candidate Heath Shuler.  After getting word that the National Republican Congressional Committee is going to spend $700,000 on NC-11 television in October, Taylor dropped about $20,000 buying a day's worth of advertising that sticks to the old Taylor playbook.  Attack, smear, distort, distract, misdirect.  I guess he's saving the outright lies for later in the campaign:
"Heath Shuler's taking money by the truckload.  From Washington liberals, from trial lawyers, from party extremists and big labor leaders."

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Principled Opponents of Charles Taylor (NC-11) Rally

Tomorrow you have two chances to get active in the call for a real investigation of Charles Taylor's principles.  In Asheville, CREW will be presenting a comprehensive argument for a House Ethics investigation on Tuesday morning within shouting distance of Taylor's office.  And Tuesday night Operation Democracy will be at Asheville's Grove Arcade to dog Charles Taylor's fraudulent claims of fiscal conservatism at a meeting of the Citizens Against Government Waste..

Keep reading for the information on each event.  The CREW event is at 10am on the steps of City Hall.  The CAGW event is at the Grove Arcade at 6pm.  Please try to attend one or the other.

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Screwy Hoolie's One Percent Doctrine

{first posted at Scrutiny Hooligans}

With only 93 days left between today and the general elections in November, there's a new urgency to our efforts.  For nearly six years, we've watched the Bush Republicans take this country skidding along a precipice of disaster:  Iraq, Katrina, Debt, Deficit, Medicare, Anti-Choice, Corruption, Lying, Bigotry, Anti-Science, Pro-Oil, Spying, Torture.  The list could go on and on.  

But in 93 days America has a choice.  Voters across North Carolina have a choice.  But the Mighty Wurlitzer of the Republican Noise Machine is gearing up, as usual, to paint Democrats like Ned Lamont as "insurgents", to scare voters with cries of doom if they vote for Democrats, to ignore the central role Republicans like Robin Hayes and Charles Taylor have played in the failure of the Bush administration.  Republicans want voters to stay the course and keep the can't-shoot-straight gang in power for another two years.  

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