El Paso County, Colo. Exemplifies Voter Reg. Turnaround for Low Income Citizens

More than fifteen years after the passage of the National Voter Registration Act, few states are complying with the law's requirement that voter registration services are provided to those who apply for public assistance. Though highly successful in the first two years the NVRA was implemented, in 1995-1996, registrations through public assistance agencies have steadily declined, and had fallen by 79 percent nationwide in 2007-2008. Project Vote and other voting rights organizations have been working to bring several states into compliance with this key provision of the NVRA, and--as a last resort--have been forced to bring lawsuits in several states to ensure that low-income public assistance clients have access to voter registration services as required by law.

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Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 225

It's all about healthcare this week. I try to highlight in the local focus pages any healthcare rallies and town halls I can. You can also find out more about what you can do to fight for healthcare reform by going here. In particular, go here to find town hall meetings near you. I can't emphasize enough how important this is. I have focused on contacting and lobbying several congressional reps. I either know or spent some real effort to help get elected.

I also return to my previous focus on Burma and their main American enablers, Chevron/Texaco, and I return to my discussion of why Bank of America sucks.

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Progressive Democrat Issue 224

Healthcare remains a hot issue this week. And this is really the critical moment. Now is the time for you to contact your Congressional Reps, your Senators, and your local media to give your opinion on healthcare reform. Remember the real facts, the numbers that show America spends top dollar for mediocre medical outcomes. We are on par with Slovakia, Albania and Cuba even though we spend more than almost any other nation on earth. Sweden, Canada, The Netherlands and the UK have the best overall cost to outcome ratio.

This could be our last chance for decades to reform our healthcare system, and it really needs your input both to Congress and the media.

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Progressive Democrat Issue 222

This week I focus on healthcare, not surprisingly, as well as the boycott of Glenn Beck sponsors. I also have been slowly expandng some of my local coverage. I am trying to give local resources for people in three counties in New Jersey (Passaic, Warren and Sussex), three counties in Texas (Dallas, Harris and Travis) and one in Georgia (Coweta). Of course I continue my focus on Rochester, Queens, the Bronx and Brooklyn in New York as well as more general coverage of several other states. But first...

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Online Voter Registration Reaches Some Citizens, but Won't Close the Electoral Gap

Cross-posted at Project Vote's Voting Matters Blog.

Access to voter registration continues to be an issue in the U.S. where only 71 percent of the voting eligible population is registered to vote. With young, low income, and minority citizens lagging behind in voter registration and participation, this fraction of registered voters only represents a skewed picture of the American people.

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