Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 230

I am still not in the full swing of things in regards to the newsletter since I am preparing for a conference next week and Jacob's birthday was this last week. I will say that in the NYC runoffs, the candidate I expected to win (John Liu) did win, and the candidate I hoped would win but didn't expect to win (Mark Green) lost. I will have endorsements for November soon. We sure have a lot of ground to cover in NYC elections, don't we?

Despite my lack of time, I am still keeping things fairly up to date here, complete with calenders, news articles, highlights of progressive candidates, etc. in many areas I cover. So keep reading and keep up the activism. It may not always seem this way, but things have been moving (slowly) in the right direction.

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Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 229

Things have been busy for Joy and me. Joy defended her dissertation and is now Doctor Joy Romanski. NYC elections were typically nasty and disappointing. On the sad side, our cat died last weekend. We knew it was coming, but we are still sad to see him go.

This week I have a lot for my NYC readers: a rundown of election results, reminders about David Yassky's corruption, and discussions of the Comptroller and Public Advocate runoffs. But I am also returning to my coverage of the rest of the country.

Here is this week's newsletter:

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Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 228

I am drowning in local politics. Several very close races right in NYC that are critical sucking me in. I expect most of them will be resolved on Tuesday, but I know at least one, and maybe two of them will go to runoffs. So the end is not yet in sight.

Meanwhile I try to keep, for the rest of my readers, a focus on healthcare reform. And I have added links for several states to ways of supporting Robb Miller in South Carolina, the Democratic opponent of the idiot who called President Obama a liar during his address to the joint session of Congress. We have so far raised over $800,000 towards defeating this Republican idiot. I donated to Miller and I hope you do as well.

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Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 227

On September 1st there was a special election in Iowa that I highlighted in my last newsletter. I am happy to say that Democrat Curt Hanson won that election. The Republicans tried to make the election about marriage equality to try and get out their base. In the end, though, the Democratic candidate was more appealing to the voters.

September 15th is a big primary election in NYC which many of you know I am very involved with. I spend a lot of this issue covering some of those races. More below.

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Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 226

Some important reminders: for our Iowa and California readers: don't forget there are special elections THIS Tuesday, Sept. 1st in both these states. See HERE FOR IOWA'S 90th HOUSE DISTRICT, and SEE HERE FOR NORTHERN CALIFORNIA.

Of course the big news of the week is the death of Edward Kennedy. He was a flawed yet still great man and in this hour of fighting for healthcare reform he will be very much missed. I include Obama's eulogy to Kennedy in this newsletter as a fitting tribute. But I also urge you to honor Kennedy's memory by fighting harder than ever for healthcare reform, his last great fight. More below.

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