Krugman, Cockburn: Nixon to Left of Kennedy, Obama

Yet some folks today are still drawn to cults and anti-cults of personality, and still need to learn the basics.

Krugman (and Cockburn, who compares Teddy and Tricky on health care politics to Teddy's great detriment below fold) writes well on this 'obvious except to the deliberately deluding themselves' matter, and agrees with me (his second reason) on why. Nixon was a product of different, mildly more liberal, times. And Kennedy and Obama are products of these times, when politics with great purity involves serving a mountain of self-interested corporate money and bamboozling and toying with we the people.

If people get my comment header below, then looking back on Tricky Dick is enlightening about the primary problem of our time, the nearly complete loss of power by everyone except big corporations and the wealthy. (Why do some of you take our eyes off that, or (selectively) pretend it is not happening even when your favorites take huge quantities of corporate dough?)

Nixon the most liberal president we've had since Nixon

Those were different times: EPA, wage-and-price controls, detente with China/USSR, and even got us out of Vietnam.

'Sock it to me!'

by: fairleft @ Fri Aug 14, 2009 at 15:21:05 PM EDT

No doubt Nixon would've been a Dick (Cheney) in these times, no doubt about it, but, well read on, it's good Krugman:

Missing Richard Nixon
by Paul Krugman

. . .

There's more...


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